Player Profile: Kyle Hemes

by | May 24, 2011, 8:29am 0

Kyle Hemes is an integral part to the cutting line  of Colorado College. His height and athleticism help him become a threat, and will be a huge part of Wasabi’s run in Boulder.

What was your introduction to Ultimate?

High school English teacher got me to come out for summer league after my senior year. Started playing summer league in Maine (Portland ultimate) with a great community of players.

What is your sports background and how did those skills translate into Ultimate?  

Played soccer throughout high school, also skied and bike a fair amount.  Off the ball movement and timed runs in soccer seemed to translate a little, but frisbee was, for the most part, a brand new skill set.

Kyle gets huge for a disc, Courtesy of Matt Zia

What has your career at CC been like?

I began playing competitive ultimate at CC freshman year, when the majority of practices involved beer.  Throughoutthe years, we have gotten more and more competitive, but it still unbelievable to me, looking back, that we are now at nationals.  Through and through, we still have the most fun of any other team.  Although we don’t often show up to the sunday of tournaments with 40 malt liquor bottles as our water jugs anymore, we have a damn good time together, and that is what makes the team so fun.  Everyone has a role to play on and off the field, and everyone is respected for getting that job done.

What do you do outside of Ultimate, Major? Hobbies? Etc.  

I study environmental chemistry – atmospheric science type things.  When I’m not playing ultimate, I am mountain biking or skiing.  Also do energy retrofit work in the community for low income houses. My teammates like to remark about my calves.

What is your plan with ultimate for after college?

Heading to asia, will try to play there, where I can sky folks without leaving the ground.

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