Green Call: Easy Tips to Make Ultimate More Sustainable

by | December 27, 2019, 12:26pm 3

Our ultimate community is known for having outdoor lovers, recyclers- just decent folk who believe in science. Let’s reflect those values in our play times and be more environmentally conscious in our tournaments and leagues!

Here are some call to action items: 


Spirit gifts

Don’t do 

No more one-time use prizes for our spirit winners! 


Use long-lasting, usable gifts such as clothing items, food, tools, etc. 

Shout out to Twincest’s Potlatch 2017 team who gifted me with a fanny pack, spork, all the practical items- I still use the pack and spork at tourneys!  




Don’t do 

No more Amazon, single use purchases! 


Go to the thrift store, check out all those local goods! 

You’ve got a super creative, artsy teammate who would love your help to design a costume – go to them! 


Beer cans/bottles

Don’t do 

Mix all your waste in one bag


Separate that shit from the rest of the trash! 

In Portland, we have plenty of folks who come by to pick up bottles and cans to return. For those elsewhere, recycle them properly, return those bottles- get that money!

Shoutout to Log Jam for sorting and returning aluminum cans!

(Bonus points: Log Jam also asks their players to bring reusable utensils/containers/growlers for the tourney’s food and kegs). 


Compost possibilities

Again, Oregon person here, find out how to gather compost and dispose of it properly at a team volunteer’s home. 

Looking at you, tourney/league organizers, keep people accountable. Emphasize these goals! Ask in bid applications how teams plan to uphold these conscientious values- let’s make our environment a priority, on and off the field.


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