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by | February 13, 2014, 11:07am 0

I’m proud to present our latest design for Skyd Magazine — Skyd 3.0. Lots of thought and planning went into this new design, and much thanks goes to our web developer Andy Lovseth for his amazing work. I also want to thank you, because you made this happen. Your support during Skyd Fund 2014 has made this and so much of our awesome content so far this year possible. We have been honored to enjoy continued work from Lou Burruss on Win the Fields, insights from the legendary Jim Parinella, myriad emotions from Beau’s blog and some amazing training tips from our experts in Melissa Witmer, Tim Morrill and Ren Caldwell on our Training Blog. We’ve also been able to welcome in some new column voices like Jen Pashley’s Making Fury. Look for a few more columns to pop up in the coming months.

I trust that you’ll appreciate our new digs as much as I already do. Articles are laid out beautifully and our new homepage is more true to our refocused mission of providing the best story-driven content to the ultimate community.

What’s New? What’s Next?

In addition to the flashy new design elements, we now have a dedicated Columns page with more information about our columnists and their latest posts. Our Features page isn’t much now, but in a short while it’ll have a more dynamic presentation that will help you find your favorite articles and discover new ones. To compare to the old site, where we had separate dedicated pages for each section (College Open, Youth, etc.) they’ll live on the Features page and will soon be more clearly presented. We’ll also be introducing a new Project page that will present all of the things Skyd is working on more in depth, like the 2014 College Tour presented by our friends at Spin Ultimate.

If you’re on you mobile phone or tablet, you’ll notice that our site has a responsive design that automatically resizes itself to fit your device.

In addition, we have numerous tweaks and add on planned that should be going out in the next couple weeks.

The Bug Report

As with all things shiny and knew, you don’t know quite what’s wrong with something until you play with it. There are a lot of bugs in this new site that the Skyd development team is ironing out with gusto. We realize that a lot of our older articles may have some issues and we’re working to clean those up as quickly as we can. If you see a particular issue that you think we haven’t caught then feel free to email us at info@skydmagazine.com. Chances are we’re already working to fix it, but a little reminder couldn’t hurt.

The Old Skyd

We had a lot of good times in our old body, and luckily it’s not going anyway. Skyd 2.0 will continue to live on archive.skydmagazine.com. All of its old content has been imported, but if you’re feeling nostalgic or need to see something in its older formatting, that’s where to go!

Thanks for your patience as we iron out the final bits and pieces of our new site. We have a lot of amazing things coming down the pipeline for 2014, and I’m pleased to be able to share it with you in a beautiful new format. Thanks for your continued support of Skyd Magazine.

Elliot Trotter, Editor in Chief

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