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Flatball Radio | Silent but Deadly

by | April 30, 2015, 10:05am 0

The night of the show, I remember seeing a focused (but nervous) Alysia Letourneau sitting back stage practicing her story. She recited the story out loud to her earnest and helpful boyfriend, getting prepared for the spotlight that would be on her later that evening. At 22 years old, Alysia was the youngest Flatballer and the biggest wildcard. There is no way I could have put together a coherent story on stage when I was in college…but I’m not Alysia.

Alysia’s story was, by far, the one that made the biggest leap between when we started and our final meeting. She made skilled and engaging improvements in those intervening weeks, and even in the final moments before the show: the story she told on stage was miles different from the last one I had heard, no doubt because all evening, she was backstage practicing and refining what she’d say like she was at the last few practices before Nationals.  Alysia skillfully navigated a difficult story about young love gone awry and commanded a stage that few can at that age. At the end of the show, her new boyfriend (read: young love gone right) was waiting for her with flowers and a hug.

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