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Flatball Radio | Gina Finds Life After Ultimate

by | May 7, 2015, 10:32am 0

All of the Flatball storytellers were heavily involved in the ultimate community…except Gina. When we started workshopping, she was stepping back from ultimate, in a transitional place measurably different from the rest of the storytellers. We watched her sort through that came with that in real time. She told us about a visit back home, where she unearthed a box of old ultimate memorabilia. She found all the old medals, photos and playbooks of a college captain trying to give her team the edge. While whistful about her past devotion, she was fiercely taking on a new commitment to her career. There were many avenues that Gina could have taken with her story, but the tenuous relationship with the sport was an obvious choice.

After the Seattle show, I remember sitting in Mario O’Brien’s basement, talking about the show. He recalled how Gina’s story made him reflect on his own commitment to the sport. Gina asks a lot of questions in her story and they sharply point a lens at each listener. Mario felt that weight and had to ask himself about his career and his engagement with ultimate. Many of us face these kinds of questions: am I sacrificing good career opportunities so that I can keep my schedule flexible to devote nine months of my year to ultimate? Gina approached these questions candidly, and she found her own answers. In her story, she compels each one of us to take stock our own relationship with ultimate.

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