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Flatball Radio | Tyler Learns His Mom Has Cancer

by | May 5, 2015, 9:27am 0

Tyler’s apartment was where we met for our Flatball Radio planning meetings. I’d drive up from Portland, and after we all wrapped up I’d throw my sleeping bag on his couch and spend the night at his place. Tyler always left for work at 7 am, and I’d plan on getting up a little later since I had to drive back alone. For some reason, though, a goodbye that previous evening was never enough for Tyler. Without fail, he’d always wake me up as he was leaving for work with something like, “Hey buddy, great job last night. I’m really excited for our storytellers.” I’m half asleep, thinking to myself, “Man, Tyler is really complimentary and affirming, but why couldn’t he just call me later when I’m actually awake?”

When we had a meeting on a Saturday night and Tyler didn’t have to go to work the next day, I figured I’d be in the clear for some uninterrupted sleep– especially because after the meeting, we went out until 3 am. But sure enough, right around 7, there I am getting a gentle nudge from Tyler. “Hey buddy, I got myself a glass of water, so I thought I would get you one too.”

While Tyler isn’t one to respect sleep, he’s a lot of things: an elite ultimate player and connoisseur of YouTube videos, a caring friend, and a great storyteller. Luckily for Flatball Radio, his desire to communicate (conscious or not) led to some excellent story workshopping and a fantastic world premiere event.

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