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Flatball Radio | Dan Shaw – “Northbound”

by | July 29, 2015, 6:19am 0

There’s a question in the Portland ultimate scene: does everyone know Dan Shaw? At first I felt this was presumptuous to ask, until I realized that my girlfriend (who doesn’t play ultimate) knew Dan Shaw nearly a decade before I did. She didn’t just casually know him, either– Dan took her to a high school dance. More accurately, Dan took her and three of her friends to that same high school dance. There aren’t many 17 year olds who could step up to the plate when four teenage girls ask you to take all of them out on the same night. For Dan, though? No big deal.

Dan balances his considerable social acumen with an intellect and poignancy to match. He brought a vocal empathy to the Flatball group that made his fellow storytellers feel safe, and he surprised us with the depth and gravity of his story. After the show, a teammate of Dan’s came up to me and said, “I’ve spent the entire season with Dan and this is the closest I have felt to him.” Another audience member recalled the need to wipe away tears during his story. Dan has a rare ability to be the life of the party and also engage each person he interacts with  in a deeper, meaningful 1-on-1 conversation.

More about Dan: Portland Stags and elite Mixed player. Known by everyone in Portland. Loved by everyone in Portland. Social magnet.

Photo by Gene Buonaccorsi — www.eugenebuonaccorsi.com

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