Spring 2015

Skyd Magazine 2015 Spring GIBSON-1

Spring 2015 | The Inaugural Issue
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In this issue:


Dublin’s Golden Cup
Profiles of a Disc
The Best Ever Played
Comic: Contested Strip

USA College Championships

Front Runners
Callahan Contenders
Interview with Dominique Fontenette


It Takes a Village: Proactive v Reactive
Robyn’s Nest: Reinvention
Beau Knows Blog: Is Beach The Future?
The Grind: The Opportunity Gap
Gear Watch: Mint Ultimate Gloves
Training Blog: The Five Phases of Your Training Year

Pro Ultimate

AUDL Preview
Interview with Kurt Gibson
An Owner’s Perspective: The Pro Startup
MLU Preview
Interview with Peter Prial
Strings: I’m Going to be an Ultimate Fan

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