Heating Up #5: Henry Callahan Remembered

by | May 11, 2012, 3:30am 1

In this episode of Heating Up with Match Diesel, Match has the honor of speaking with Jay Callahan about his brother, Henry Pfau Callahan. A founder of the University of Oregon’s Ultimate team and an early advocate for the sport, Henry Callahan was known as hard-working, charismatic, and of course spirited on and off the field. The Callahan award was named for Henry after his untimely death in 1982.

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Match’s interview with Jay explores Henry’s youth, his time with the sport, the end of his life and how his spirit lives on.

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  • Andreas Glindemann

    Hi Match Diesel, great background information, thanks for bringing this (back) to the surface. Personally I have played ultimate almost half my life beginning in Scotland and so mainly in Europe on an international level and have never played with referees nor observers ever. This year at beach worlds in Dubai I even managed to win the spirit medal with my team in the Grandmasters division. So it is highly interesting to see you somewhat struggeling to explain (to a Callahan!) what has happened to the spirit of the game and skill to self regulate a game in the past 30, 35 years in the USA. To encourage teammates s on D putting in more pressure we always yell “Callahan” a lot and only this year I came around to research on who this guy was actually. So thanks for providing this information. It would be great to have a script of this interview to read the questions and answers. Maybe nowadays computers can do this job with voice input easily? To finish my entry here let me tell you a true story about spirit today: I host a beach hat tournament every year in October on a Spanish island and we have an MSP award there every year. And one year we had this American guy Dave who came straight from college and was newly introduced to the idea of spirit (and fun) versus winning at all cost. It really took him some time. He was very athletic and ambitious, so in the beginning after handblocking beginners and skying women he was on everybody’s mind as a pretty bad ass. But the sheer love, fun and enthusiasm of the other tournament players of all kinds of levels made him reconsider and after having adjusted his way of playing he really won the spirit trophy in the end and was crying humble tears of disbelief when he got the award and everybody knew that this was the right choice. If you travel Europe by end of October anytime make sure to join in, it’s called Copa Pescadisco. Regards, Ed