Directed by Charles Cleary

Race to the Finals | 2014 DIII Men’s Championships

by | June 2, 2014, 7:00am 5

2014 College Tour

The 2014 College Tour is presented by Spin Ultimate

Skyd Magazine follows Bentley Icehouse and Elon Big Fat Bomb as they compete at the 2014 Division 3 College Ultimate Championships.

Directed and Editing by Charles Cleary
Scripted by Zack Purdy
Narrated by Elliot Trotter

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  • ddd

    Is a finals video going to be posted?

    • guest

      Is Skyd ever going to respond to comments?

      • JJJ

        maybe now?

  • Guest

    How was the guy on Elon who said he "only came back for ultimate" and was "only taking two classes" eligible to compete? Two classes does not make a student degree-seeking, and saying he only came back for ultimate insinuates that his status would not line up with the half-time or other academic eligibility exceptions.

    • Richmond

      If you are a 4th year senior who finishes up all your requirements during the fall semester of that year, I think you have a little more leeway for the following spring semester. While he probably would have to take more than two classes to be recognized as a student, there could be only 2 classes that matter to him. He might be taking an elective course just to stay eligible like Matt Leinart famously did at USC with Ballroom Dancing.