Spirit of the Game: Making it Happen

by | May 22, 2015, 7:00am 3

Spirit of the Game Conference

Presented by WFDF

Spirit isn’t just part of the consolation prize that goes to lovable losers.

In this video, the third in our series from WFDF’s Spirit of the Game conference, over 100 years of ultimate playing and organizational experience weighs in on how Spirit looks in the present day and how it can improve.

Panelists note a trend toward a universal understanding of just how nuanced Spirit can be, along with a shift toward an environment where teams with high Spirit scores are often the ones winning tournaments.

They also give recommendations on how to make Spirit a bigger part of your community, including Spirit captains for each team, carving out space in tournament schedules for teams to interact with each other more, and making Spirit evaluation forms easier to fill out on people’s phones. Finally, they discuss how Spirit of the Game can be managed using a scoring system.

More about Spirit Rules & Scoring.

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  • Maz

    Don’t you think that just “1-5” or “1-10” system is easier then all those 5 parts, explanations, etc.
    Do you think anybody read all those papers??

    • Gintarė Petrauskaitė

      that is the point of spirit of the game – you are not supposed to rate team by the overall “feeling” about the game. You need to rate all those important aspects. Comments like yours gives a nice argument why those videos and WFDF interest to SOTG is in need right now – it does not have to be simplified because it is a core of the game – the principals of a respectful game. By the way – my team always read ALL the sheet and rates opponents accordingly. So yes, I think some people do read that.

  • Junior Coach

    That 3rd video is published here before it is on the WFDF FB page.
    Do we have to publish our comments of the WFDF politic about advisors and SoG on the Skyd magazine comments or, like I think, the WFDF FB page is a better place to do it ?