Contested Strip: The Force Abreakens

by | December 16, 2015, 8:00am 13

TheForceAbreakens_01 TheForceAbreakens_02 TheForceAbreakens_03 TheForceAbreakens_04 TheForceAbreakens_05 TheForceAbreakens_06 TheForceAbreakens_07

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  • blw


  • Trond E. Haveland

    Those two soccerplayer would have gone totally american style with uzi, magnum .44 and everything bloody-waters they could have come up with at that moment in time and space, in the sight of StarWars on a planet, and not on a bloody star…. ;).

    • Tim

      What? That’s Tatooine. You know, from Star Wars.

      • Trond E. Haveland

        …but if they are soccer players on, and from Tatooine..where is the joke? It had no point to it. It was all a long buildup to a joke that didn’t work for me…
        It would have a point, if a spaceship from Tatooine was on a picnick on Earth…but if they are all from Tatiooine, where is then the joke?
        ..please take this moment to explain the point of this joke. I’m from Norway. So it would be interesting for me to understand your point of view.

        • Morrison Luke Smith

          The joke is that frisbee players are recruited, and often from soccer. And it’s sometimes a bit of a sell to get ‘serious’ athletes to join frisbee. And the soccer players are supposed to by Finn and Rey, characters from the movie, outsiders, who get drawn into this thing, the force, the StarWars characters. . But once you have to explain it, it sort of loses it’s punch. It’s a metaphor. Or, It’s, like, a simile (that probably doesn’t translate). Regarding your take on the comic, I thought that the current Norwegian slang would be to say that they would have gone totally TEXAS style….

          • Trond E. Haveland

            Okey, I now understand the foundation of the joke, so now I “got it” ;)
   was all a cultural thing (now wonder that there are a battlefield’s all around us…).
            Yes, I know an old man that was called TEXAS when he was young. He was a wild strong partydude etc.
            But in Texas, the state, everything is bigger than in the other states, and they are very big “headed” about themself too (its a roumer) :)
            But I think that I have somesort of “including” humor, cartoons that everyone can get a smile from…
            Test out my “selfinsight”, and give it some feedback –
            …I’m also a littlebit Texas myself, on my 205cm…nearly scraping the sky ;)

          • Eivind Karlsen

            The problem may be that you’ve never seen Ultimate Frisbee? Admittedly it is not big in Norway, but we are a few teams. You should check it out! ;)

            (Sorry for being late to the party btw :P )

  • Martin Gottschalk


  • bhpratt

    Great comic. Well done!


  • Johnny Walker

    woah – funny!

  • Valérie Chux

    Amazing! Great job.

  • Jack

    The FORCE is strong in this one! :)