Contested Strip: The Skillset

by | June 30, 2016, 9:37am 8

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  • Warren Meech Wells

    Out of curiosity, are those all supposed to be real people? I see what looks like Brodie, Tad Wissel, and Gwen Ambler(?) wearing an All Stars jersey.

    • JamesGreeno

      ‘Coach Polo Matty Tsang’ next to ‘All-Star Gwen Ambler’ for sure. Is that ‘Pikachu Bob Liu’ next to ‘Brodie Smith’? I do not know who NYNY Man & Hot Lava Lady are.

      • Warren Meech Wells

        Of course, I ought to have recognized Matty.

        • Gwen Ambler

          Definitely Margot “Radar” Stert in the middle. She was on the 2015 All Star Tour (jersey) and is now playing for PBR (hat). Love those curls!

      • datbeezy

        Hah, I thought that was Doctor Tom Crawford

      • Victor Smith

        NY guy is legendary former SB Condor and Ultimate Peace stalwart, Jeff Landesman. I think the Pikachu person is Lili Gu based on the fact that she used to live in LA, although I have no idea if she has a Pikachu onesie. No clue if she ever played on PODO though.

  • Mike Lommler

    Pretty sure that’s Margot Stert in the ASUT jersey.

  • James Erdmann

    Hot Lava Lady is world champion Remy Schor.