Statement from the Organizers of the AUDL Boycott

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The Statement

“I believe that women and men should have equal representation at the highest, most visible levels of our sport – including professional play. If the AUDL does not ensure that women and men have equal representation in 2018, I will not support it. This means I will not be playing in or attending games, and will avoid consuming related media and content.”

Who We Are and Why We’re Writing:

Today we released a list of names of players committing to the above statement and action. This effort was organized by Claire Chastain, Trent Dillon, Elliott Erickson, Hannah Leathers, Mario O’Brien, Markham Shofner, Jesse Shofner, and Nicky Spiva.

We write to you to provide our own perspective on what the boycott statement means to us, why we view it as necessary, and what we hope to accomplish. We also provide some information on some ways that you can support change, as well as our recommended next steps.

Though we are united in the above statement and action with those who signed onto the boycott, the below statement is ours alone and does not necessarily reflect the beliefs or positions of the individuals who signed on to the boycott statement.

What does “equal representation” mean to the organizers?

In our internal discussions, we had different impressions of exactly what equal representation meant; however, we did agree that equal representation cannot occur without equal visibility and equal opportunities for women. Visibility and opportunity are not easily captured by any single metric, but some insufficient, yet useful proxies are the amount of filmed games/content of men/women and the number of men/women players able to compete in a full season for free (or with some compensation).

This is a difficult question and one that should be asked and discussed at length and in an ongoing way. We find the conversations best when discussed in a diverse group, and we especially encourage men to engage with, listen to, and amplify women’s voices in these conversations, while also not leaning on women to do all the work.

Why didn’t the boycott statement include a detailed implementation plan for the AUDL?

The above statement is about values and commitment, and intentionally does not address details of implementation – for example, whether AUDL should go mixed or start a women’s league. We believe that those implementation decisions are absolutely critical, and that there are multiple ways to achieve or fail to achieve equal representation. We also believe that those implementation discussions come after the decision by the league to ensure equal representation for women and men. At this point in the conversation, those details often serve as a distraction intended to derail change. League leadership has not and currently does not ensure visibility and opportunity for women commensurate with what they finance for men. Until that changes, or league leaders view a league with equal representation as a better business deal, talking implementation feels somewhat hollow.

Our Goal

We aim to encourage the AUDL to ensure equal gender representation, visibility, and opportunity in their league. We also aim to spark conversations and discussions about gender equity, what equal representation would look like, and what responsibility we and others have when contributing resources, time, and energy to grow the sport in accordance with our values. We hope that this collective action will contribute to the past and future work fighting for gender equity in our sport.

Next Steps for the Ultimate Community

We encourage members of the ultimate community to join our community petition, in which you can demonstrate your support for equal representation of women in the AUDL. This will help communicate to the AUDL both the support they have in shifting to a structure that creates equal representation for women, and the lack of support they have for continuing on an inequitable path – check it out.

Also, talk about this stuff! Engage with your communities. Change will not happen without dialogue.

Response to the AUDL’s Recently Proposed Plan to Address Gender Inequity

Though the AUDL’s plan would be an improvement over years past, it still is incredibly inequitable, especially when considering the visibility, playing opportunity, and representation of elite men’s players financed by the league compared to that of women. We believe this continues and perpetuates gender inequity in our sport, even if it is better than where it was last year. Also, we do not know the details of the AUDL’s tentative TV deal – until that and additional information is shared, it is hard to evaluate the league’s commitment to addressing gender inequity.

We believe:

  • True gender equity cannot occur without equal gender representation, visibility, and opportunities.
  • By committing to gender equity, our sport will find a new path towards growth that does not inherently favor male athletes.
  • Visibility and growth should not come at the expense of equity and our values.
  • Franchise owners and league leadership can make this change.

Next Steps for the AUDL

We encourage AUDL leadership to adopt and implement a policy ensuring equal representation, visibility, and opportunity for women in the league. We encourage the AUDL to develop this policy in consultation with the ultimate community, especially women, and existing groups working in support of gender equity such as the Gender Equity Action Group, Upwind Ultimate, and others.


Organizers of the AUDL Boycott

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  • toad

    so i have one question for all u boy cotters……are u actively boycotting ALL SPORTS (in that u wouldn’t watch/patronize those sports either) that are as well not gender equal?????. something tells me U WON’T!!!! and thus u are COMPLETE HYPOCRITES!!!! I mean we all know what this time of the year mean “sports entertainment wise”, right???? we got the college bowl playoffs and the NFL playoffs…..and i know of no other sport that less gender equal than the sport of football. and not only do they not allow women to play but they take it a step further and objectify women by putting them in scantly dressed attire and having them sexually ungulate like strippers as a “soft porn” side attraction. SO DON’T LET ANYONE CATCH WIND THAT U MEN AND WOMEN SPEARHEADING THIS IDIOTIC MOVEMENT THAT U TOOK PART IN SUPPORTING THE SPORT OF FOOTBALL IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM……right?

    and to audl administrators……DISREGARD those little cry babys……replace the men that are boycotting with the next tier of talent, don’t resort to replacing the bottom half of ur talent pool with women (that have the same level of talent as high school boys!!!, if even that)……dont let them strong-arm u……call their bluff and tell them to go start their own FREAKIN league. im telling u, this will be the end of ur league if u dont. COED ultimate sucks as a form of serious sports entertainment…..which is probably why it simply doesn’t exist. (save mixed doubles in tennis……and who watches that???) YOU HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO MAKE UR LEAGUE THE BEST IT CAN BE AND, I ASSUME, IF U WANTED A SUB PAR/WATERED DOWN VERSION OF ULTIMATE SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT U WOULD HAVE MADE IT COED FROM THE GET GO, RIGHT???? so figure it out boycotters……put 2 and 2 together and search for the reason in your tiny little brains as to why these professional/reffed versions of ultimate weren’t started out in the coed format……GET A CLUE PEOPLE!!!!

    and one last question to the boycotters……HOW IN THE HECK CAN U WIND UP WITH A SUPERIOR SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT PRODUCT (in the coed format) when the talent pool of players becomes FAR inferior by replacing much better, stronger, faster men with women of far less talent???? in the words of jerry seinfeld…..”shouldn’t y’all be out on a ledge somewhere”…….you know, because u obviously have a screw loose with all this insane nonsense.

    last note….from what i understand women are allowed to try out for these “open” audl teams……so if that’s the case then whats the big hubbub about? go ahead and try out…..if ur good enough ul make the team and be able to participate……if ur not then u wont. and the fact that no women has made the cut thus far should tell ya something…..U SIMPLY DON’T BELONG THERE!!!!!

    like i said, go start ur own freakin league……who the heck are u that u think u can dictate what someone does with their own business. They are the ones that have invested tons of time, energy and money so who the F do y’all think u are to come along and DEMAND a full partnership agreement with out even buying in. Ur basically stealing from them by doing this. And where are all the women administrators, women refs and other women workers that u intend to bring into the mix(shouldn’t gender equity/responsibility be applied here too????)……or is it that u just feel u should be able to ride the coattails of all the work that MEN have done to this point?? u cant have it both ways ladies…

  • Richard D Hinkley

    they should have equal chance to make the team as any man should have not an equal number of players