Product Review – Spin Phoenix 1/4 Zip

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The Phoenix 1/4 Zip is intended to be a medium level base layer. It was designed as an additive layer for cooler weather and warming up/cooling down, but with the emphasis on ease of movement. It provides an extra level of warmth without being restrictive, so you can keep warm on- and off-field, between points and between games. – Andrew H., Spin Ultimate

Wearing the Phoenix Zip feels as good as this guy makes it seem.

Comfort/Material (5/5)

In short, the Phoenix 1/4 Zip is about as comfortable as synthetic blends get.  You could wear it over another jersey as you warm up for a game or go raw-dog and revel in its silky fabric on your bare skin.  There is absolutely no chance of nipple chaffing in this puppy.

If that description wasn’t graphic enough, imagine yourself pausing bare-chested on a rocky precipice to watch the sun rise sluggishly over a calm sea.  You hear a rustle behind you and you smile knowing it’s that very attractive hiker you brought back to your tent last night.  The Phoenix material doesn’t feel quite that good, but it’s pretty damn close.  If you were to pair it with Patagonia Field Shorts, you might forget you were wearing clothes.

Durability (5/5)

After several weeks of wear and a couple of washes, there is no sign of runs or pills. The Phoenix may have a few errant threads, but the pullover is well sewn and looks like it’ll hold up to wear-and-tear.  Unfortunately the zipper has extremely small teeth and sticks a bit, but does not show any sign of breaking.

The Phoenix material is highly durable while remaining light. It has a decent amount of stretch to it and has wicking capabilities of a good performance fabric. – Andrew H., Spin Ultimate

Style (4/5)

Hey, everyone likes a good warm up.  If you don’t mind pulling this one over your head every time you want it on or off, then this is your jersey.  It has relatively good odor control and slim sleeves that easily pull up to the elbow if you want to warm up your throws.  Also, unlike many other synthetic long sleeves, the Phoenix’s sleeves do tend to stay pulled up.

One very important note on sizing: I am a solid Large in Patagonia as well as in Five’s Fusion jerseys (if you haven’t heard yet, Five changed the men’s sizing on their new Electro Jerseys), but the Phoenix runs decidedly larger.  My Phoenix is a Medium, and it’s certainly a slim/athletic fit on me, but a Large would certainly be too big.

Price (3/5)

Price is really the only category where the Phoenix does not soar: it is listed on the Spin website at $39.60.  As a poor college kid I don’t mind saying that I rarely buy anything over $20 that I can’t see and touch for myself.  That being said, now that I have seen and touched for myself, I do believe that it is worth the money.  The Phoenix’s closest substitute might be the Patagonia Capilene 3 Pullover, though it is more durable, more comfortable, and attracts less lint than the Capilene 3.  And yet the Capilene 3 sells for $45 at

Overall (4/5)

Spin Phoenix 1/4 Zip – $39.60 (Black, Charcoal, Cadet Blue)

Overall the Phoenix 1/4 Zip by Spin Ultimate appears to be a good value.  As a warm up or as a soft base layer, it is stylish and durable.  Be sure to pay attention to sizing, because this medium Phoenix fits like a large Patagonia.  The price may deter some buyers, but overall it is an extremely good value and customizable just like any other jersey.

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