Joint Summit Classic Shout Outs

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FSU’s Randy Barcelo gets his team ready for a semi-final match-up against William and Mary

Had a great time at Joint Summit Classic, was welcomed by teams especially Auburn, FSU, and Clemson. It does make the work go by faster when you can start a conversation up with virtually anyone.

I don’t think I should tell you when you’re writing stuff down in your notebook”– Charleston player when asked who the players to watch were

“I did that because I saw you writing down in your notebook. I don’t see you taking pictures so I better see a thousand words later.” – Chris Van Thiel – USC – After he laid for a disc out of bounds

“I like the UOA, it just sucks when the observer makes a shitty call” -Zack Moore – Alabama, who I observed at SECs.

“You’re the one who called us scrappy? Is that a good thing?” – FSU player – “Of course its a good thing, wait, you debated Elijah on this?” – Randy Barcels-FSU

“It was just discipline” – Stephen Brandon – Auburn – On how Auburn pulled away against GCSU in the pre-quarters

“Some guy on this blog calls him that” -Auburn player when asked why he is calling Tim Brady “True Grit”

“Fix your roster? I don’t think we have a 16” – Randy Barcelo on getting his number wrong in the game of the day recap

“I had a 102 Fever two days ago and we’re missing 10 guys”– Tim “True Grit” Brady – Alabama on how his team was doing at the moment

“I called them unamerican over an email a last week, so we’ll see what happens” – Yoho Miller- Clemson – on College of Charleston- Who also had a nice punt spike after a deep burn for the win against Georgia Southern. +1 for big burly handlers.

“Please don’t write that in your blog” – Nick Fletcher -FSU on his new nickname, which as requested will not be written in this blog.

ACCUC Preview and T-Town Throwdown thoughts to come in the next two days.

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