Poll Yourself: Favorite Throw

by | January 3, 2011, 6:00pm 0

This week’s Poll Yourself focuses on the ever important discussion of favorite throw. Some look to their old faithful backhand and forehands to pull them through, but others look for the crowd-pleasing inside-out thumber. What is your favorite throw?

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Last week’s Poll Yourself:

How Important is Spirit of the Game’s role in Ultimate? (FINAL TALLY)

Winner: Fundamental to the sport – 47.95% (175 votes)

Runner-up: Somewhat important – 26.03% (95 votes)

3rd: Detracts from competition – 10.41% (38 votes)


Pro-“Spirit”: 73.98% (270 votes)

Anti-“Spirit”: 17.81% (65 votes)

Indifferent/Undecided: 8.22% (30 votes)

Total Votes: 365

Favorite “For Fun” Tournament (On-going for one more week)

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