ACCUC Shout Outs

by | February 2, 2011, 10:13am 0

ACCUC was a great time and as usual I got my fair share of quotes for the weekend. Miller Yoho may or may not be getting a quote, but he will be getting a mention.

“I don’t think I have ever called a pick.” – Duke player warming up

“We’re trying to keep a low profile, you don’t need to write about us.” I respond but I’m here to write about you guys “Well, maybe we’ll just lose then.” – Russell Snow, Coach of Georgia Tech.

“If you give us a good writeup we’ll give you one” – BC in response to me eying their Krispy Kremes.

“Ben Slade once called a foul, the kid contested. Ben stared into his eyes for several seconds and responded ‘Okay, I believe you’.” – James Cox, Clemson

“Plus minus is at a negative 20 today” Erik Messina, Clemson

“What are the three rules of defense? And how did you break them all in one play?” -UNC Player Heckle

“You’re on the Dline that punches people”– Heard in the UNC-NCSU game

“Good cut Christian, next time don’t run through the middle of the stack” -UNC player

“We’re playing delicious” – UNC player after day 1 win over GT

“They’re giving me a heart attack”– Evan Kline on VTs offensive miscues

“Can you imagine what this sport would be with soccer off-sides?” – Overheard in UNC Clemson

“So you’re what about VT right now, what was the word? Shocked? I think you said you would be shocked?” – James Cox on my preview saying that I would shocked if VT didn’t make the finals

“Man, they are really intense about this.” – Bystander waiting for the women’s basketball game to start

“He was drinking the pickle juice a second ago” – GT player on #00’s injury for cramps

“You said you didn’t know anything about us, well now you do.” – Nick Lance after winning ACCUC

Still to come this week, Miller Yoho callahan expose, let over ACCUC photos and finally the Jerseys of the week.

Russell Snow

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