Looking Ahead at President’s Day

by | February 18, 2011, 7:54am 0

Pres Day is this weekend, meaning that by Monday there will be results for virtually all of 2011’s supposed best teams. Still no Pitt, Illinois, or Iowa, but we’re getting there.

Noteworthy teams in attendance are Minnesota, Cal, Oregon, British Columbia, Texas State, UC-San Diego, Washington, UC-Santa Barbara, San Diego State, Kansas, Texas, UC-Davis, Dartmouth, and last year’s DIII Nationals winner, Carleton GOP.

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  • That’s quite a few good teams, with a nice national spread. We’re finally at that point where every tournament is going to affect strength bids to Nationals. Remember, there are ten bids up for grabs, with six of them based on team strength and four of them on region strength.
  • Overall, I think there’s a lot of parity. Just looking at that list, remember that GOP took down Minnesota at their Sectionals last year.
  • To my knowledge, this is the first time that Minnesota has come into such a strong field as the number one seed, and how they handle it will say a lot about their potential this year. A lot of people are talking up their match up with San Diego State, but let’s remember that it’s just a pool play game either way. I want to see what Minnesota does on Sunday.
  • Texas State, Kansas and Texas give the South Central its first real run outside of the frontrunner (Colorado). A few good wins at Pres Day and one of them may be going back to Nationals.
  • Another West Coast tournament, another chance for the usual suspects to duke it out. I’m particularly interested to see how the Northwest teams fall after UBC’s win at the Santa Barbara Invite, Washington’s 2nd place finish, and now that Oregon is in the mix.

Cool. For more, check out the Pres Day Score Reporter page as well as a bit of good ol’ RSD banter.

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