President’s Day Classic Re-Cap

by | February 21, 2011, 11:50pm 0

British Columbia took down Minnesota to win PresDay just a few hours ago, capping off the major early season tournaments and finalizing a look at nearly all of college ultimate’s best teams.

First, a couple randoms:

  • If you look on the Score Reporter page, you’re seeing it correctly that Oregon beat Minnesota in the quarters but Minnesota advanced. Apparently Oregon had early flights out of Los Angeles and couldn’t hang around to play Texas today.
  • Texas A&M had a nice Twitter feed going on throughout the semis, check it out.

Now for a bit more commentary. Since Joaq is way better at the Winners/Losers format, I’m not going to jock his style. If he wanted it done right, he shouldn’t have gone to Kaimana.


British Columbia- UBC adds a Pres Day victory to their SB Invite win, and are now 13-0 on the season. I think it’s safe to say that UBC is the best team on the West Coast, and I’m guessing that they’ll go into Stanford Invite seeded 2nd behind Carleton, possibly 3rd behind CUT and Colorado. It’ll be great to see the Thunderbirds get some results against the more well-known frontrunners.

San Diego State- Huge weekend for the Federalis. A 6-1 record with wins over Washington, Minnesota, UC-Santa Barbara, and Dartmouth makes them seem like an even more legitimate frontrunner in the Southwest.

Minnesota- Crazy weekend. First they took a 7-13 beatdown from SDSU in pool play, and then they advanced to semis by losing to Oregon in the quarters. Still, the Oregon game was close (13-15), and their win over Texas is a good one. Keep expecting them to contend in the Central.


Northwest- UBC, Oregon, and Washington went a combined 18-4, with all three beating Colorado College (SC) and two out of three beating Minnesota (NW). If you want to point out the negative, they can’t be happy about Oregon’s lost chance to get another win over Texas, as well as the fact that all of Washington’s losses came at the hands of teams from the Southwest.

Southwest- Given that there were eight Southwest teams in the field and six made pre-quarters, they can’t be mad. Their record from there, though, was 2-4 in prequarters, 1-1 in quarters, and 0-1 in the semis.

South Central- For Texas, a perennial powerhouse that saw a fall from grace last year, making the semis at a big tournament is a nice way to get the ball rolling in 2011. TUFF will also be at Stanford. Colorado College also had a nice showing, going 4-3 and posting wins over UCSD, Texas, and Dartmouth. I don’t know much of anything about CC other than that they Nicky Spiva, a Nashville guy that played for Tanasi and who is quite good. As for the other SC teams, Kansas, Texas State, and Texas A&M, a combined 1-11 record in pool play is not going to help the region get another bid.

North Central- Together, Minnesota and Carleton-GOP went 7-8, (but it should be looked at as 6-7 since one of those games was against each other), with two wins over Texas A&M, a win over Kansas, and a win over Texas. All of their losses were to Northwest and Southwest teams.

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