QCTU Seeding

by | February 2, 2011, 12:06pm 0

Lets have some fun while we wait for the pools to get up in the next week or so for QCTU. This is how I would do the seeding.

  1. Michigan – 2010 Nationals Qualifier
  2. Ohio State – Finals Appearance at T-Town-Throwdown
  3. Georgia – 2010 Nationals Qualifier – Lost in semis of T-Town to OSU
  4. Michigan State – Lost in game to go to nationals, beat GT at CCC’s
  5. Georgia Tech – Winners of ACCUC 2011
  6. UNC – Finals at ACCUC
  7. Notre Dame – Always near the top tier at great lakes
  8. Virginia Tech – Semis at ACCUC
  9. Ohio – Impressive run at T-Town
  10. Dartmouth – Good fall and showing at UOAs
  11. James Madison – Impressive run at CCC’s
  12. Tennessee – Slow start to the season
  13. East Carolina – Semis at Joint Summit Classic
  14. Penn State – Good fall season, dropped one game to Pitt
  15. Clemson – Semis at ACCUC
  16. NCState – Quarters at ACCUC
  17. Delaware – Beat Maryland in the fall
  18. Maryland – Quarters of ACCUC
  19. Washington University – Okay Showing at MLC
  20. NYU – Strong finish in Metro East
  21. Cincinatti – Young team with decent results
  22. UPenn – Terrible fall
  23. Wake Forest – Early spring Struggles
  24. Applachin State – Another Michigan upset in the works?

Now who feels slighted?


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