Sometimes work gets the best of you-Update

by | February 21, 2011, 3:18pm 0

Unfortunately my work load finally caught up with me and I was unable to get out a preview in time for Tally Classic. I was at work from 8 am to 11 pm on Thursday, so the time has not been kind for me. Thankfully, I was afforded some time to play Ultimate in the end of the season tournament for my winter league here in Greenville. I’m tremendously out of shape to say the least, but played pretty well. The majority of players come from a pick up background, with a lot of them having decent fundamentals. Caught my first universe point when I cut up the line, but pulled my hamstring on the stride right before the catch.

I was lucky on Tuesday to catch a practice with Clemson, where I’d say they have a good young team. I scrimmaged a few points with them, and faked out Miller Yoho to get open for the score. They have definitely been one of the redeeming things already about writing this blog, showing me nothing but hospitality when hanging out with them. The weekend for me is often an escape, where I can meet tons of ultimate players. The ultimate community is one where you can just go right up to people and ask how things are going.

I hope to put some thoughts down about the season so far for the ACC and SE regions. Waiting for some Tally Classic results to see how that panned out. If I find the time this week I’ll get to posting some thoughts about structuring club teams and the unique challenges they face.
Also, shout out to Kevin Jacobs for getting DIII nationals to Buffalo. If I have the money and time I’ll be up there to cover it and help out for sure.

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