Thursday Dumps – Fugue at Pres Day…Throwdown Clinic…Fools West…

by | February 24, 2011, 5:00am 0

  • What’s life like at the top? Lou Burruss recaps Oregon Fugue’s weekend at Win the Fields.
  • The Midwest Throwdown Skills Clinic is taking place on Saturday, March 5. The clinic will run from 5:00-6:05 and will feature stations on breaking the mark, cutting, man defense, and a variety of other topics. clinic instructors include Chicago Nemesis captain and 2008 Callahan winner Courtney Kiesow, Midwest standouts Melissa Gibbs and Abby Stephens, women’s Ultimate legend Sarah Savage, and USA Ultimate Club Women’s National Director Deanna Ball.
  • Fugue /fyüg/ noun 1 a dream-like state of loss of one’s identity that is usually coupled with flight from one’s usual environment. 2 a musical term to describe a short melody introduced by one part and successively taken up by others. Here’s Oregon at the 2009 College Championships where the finished 3rd:

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