USAU Certification

by | February 4, 2011, 4:23pm 0

This weekend I’ll be getting certified as an observer for USAU. I scored an 88% on the pre-test, which I wasn’t too happy about. Two of the questions I missed were due to which position a player would get the disc at. One of them was because I chose an incorrect wording. It’s a good test to see who can read the rule book.

I definitely feel like I have a great grasp on game duties as an observer. It’s something that I’m not perfect at, and want to strive to do better each game. It’s amazing how many little situations come up in a game where it’s not incredibly easy to figure out the correct outcome. While I want to get better, I’m honestly not looking too forward to this 6 hour classroom session. Gotta do what it takes though.

I’ll let you know my experiences once I get back on Monday. I’ll be rushing back from Chapel Hill for the super bowl.

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