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Before I dive into this, I just want say that I like the format that was chosen for this tournament. With the 1 team plays all (similar to the UOA format), this allows for everyone to not only get a maximum number of sanctioned games, it also allows for the strength of each region to be well defined. I look forward to some of the RSD discussions that pop up after this weekend (along with QCTU and Pres Day).

We decided to do the predictions round by round in a cheap seats style. ZS = Zack Smith, and BJ = Bryan Jones, No Look Scoober host.

Round 1:

Cornell vs. Virginia

BJ-I like Virginia’s ability to adjust on defense and their patient O over Cornell. 15-12 Virginia

ZS-Cornells young talent and skill will keep it close, but in the end their inexperience will make them fall short. 15-10 Virginia

UNCW vs. Colorado

ZS- Colorado’s spell and skill is going to be way too much for the Seamen to handle. No repeat of last years pre-quarter upset, 15-9 Colorado

BJ-I can’t disagree on the winner, 15-7 Mama Bird

Wisconsin- USF

BJ-Hoooooo—daaaaaagggsss. 15-5


ZS-This is a blowout from the get-go, with Wisconsin’s depth and conditioning paying off quick, 15-5 Wisco.

Round 2:


ZS- While UNCW may try to focus on stopping the Florida big men, this has been shown to be a lot harder than it sounds. 15-11 Florida

BJ-The Seamen will test Florida with their scrappy play, but Cole will be too tough to handle in the end 15-13.


BJ-Talk about similarly patient teams on O, I like CUT’s ability to execute the deep option more often than UVA. 15-9 CUT

ZS-I expect this game to be a defensive showdown, with CUT’s better fundamentals being the decisive factor. 15-10 CUT


BJ-Two man show for Harvard isn’t going to be enough, Mama Bird 15-11s

ZS-The biggest test for Mamabird in the form of Stubbs and Vogt. Zemmel, McShane and Padget too good in the end. Bird 15-12


ZS-This turns into a shootout quickly, with the Hodags getting the edge due to better disc skills. 15-10 Baby Blue

BJ-At about this time we’ll start to know if Cornell is for real, but I don’t think they are. 15-6 Hodags

Round 3:


BJ-Huckapoolza? Sky Fest? Layout Festivial? 15-8 Gatorrrrs

ZS-Sage-fest or Cole-stock more likely. Expect Cornell to get frustrated quick. 15-6 UFUCT

I want it that way


BJ-George Stubbs ran wild on them last time, my inner teenage backstreet boysfan-girl attitude wants it to happen again. 15-14 Harvard

ZS-Huge test for CUT’s youth, but the boys from Cambridge have too much on their hands with JCW and Lindsley. Surprise going the opposite way this time. 15-13 CUT

Colorado -USF

ZS-Game is over before it starts, Mama blows

Mamabirds are fierce

them out 15-4

BJ-Scallywags? Are they prey for Mamabirds? 15-2 Colorado

ZS-You should write children’s books.


BJ-UVA will mount a 2nd half comeback with adjustments, but Wisco’s athleticism will be too much. 15-11 Wisco

ZS-I hear UVA teaches offhand backhands before a regular forehand. Night Train surprises the Hodags with their D looks and is patient enough on O to pull of this upset, 15-13

Round 4:


ZS-Probably the regional final in a few months, I give UVA the nod based on experience, but it won’t be pretty. 15-12 Train

Donuts: A way to this man's heart

BJ-Hard to beat a team twice in a row, UNCW avenges the CCC semi-final loss 15-13.

ZS-Did they give you donuts at CCC?


ZS-See, you should pick them to lose.


ZS-Do pirates know what trains are? Red Line grooves to a win, 15-5.

BJ-On the bright side, you live in warm weather USF. 15-6 Redline

Round 5:

Colorado vs. Wisconsin Showcase

BJ-If I were there, I’d fall asleep from all the fouls being called. 13-11 Mamabirds

ZS-Great call by the TD with this showcase game. Like the rivalry, hated the pace of the game last May. Colorado’s big men prove to be the difference. 15-10 Bird.

Round 6:

Florida vs. CUT Showcase

BJ-CUT avenges the finals loss with smooth cutting and taking advantage of space, not letting the Florida poach D work it’s magic. 15-11

ZS-CUT backs off on the mark and gets a little less physical in the backfield which leads to less stoppages. Florida’s tight rotation catches up to them, 15-9 CUT

Day 2: Round 1:


BJ-UVA had shots at an upset during CCC and it’s going to be another close one. 15-14 UF

ZS-Roy Matthews-Cole Sullivan round 2. This time, Night Train stays patient and doesn’t fall for any of the Gators’ tricks. 15-13 UVA


It looks kind of like this

ZS-I hope USF brings a video camera and teaches their players how to play like CUT. 15-5 CUT

BJ-I’ve been to Tampa, my Uncle has a sailboat there. 15-7 CUT

Cornell vs. Colorado

ZS-God it’s depressing to be in the Metro East these days, 15-6 Bird

BJ-Ithaca is Gorgeous, Mamabirds like Gorges – 15-5 ‘Rado

ZS-‘Rado? That is so disgusting looking

BJ-The Chevy Silverados-15-5

ZS-You should be hurt for that. They’ll probably hire you for next year’s super bowl half time show with entertainment like that.


BJ-Voigt to Stubbs, Stubbs to everyone else. 15-9 Harvard.

ZS: Good for Stubbs that you’re not attending this tournament, as he’d need to get a restraining order. The Seamen are not enough without Rusty. “TO” Bowen and Bender keep it close. 15-12. Harvard

Round 2:


ZS-Don’t know if Mama’s D can stop all of the Florida men. However, the Gator’s inconsistent O keeps this one out of reach. 15-10 Colorado

BJ-My august national finals pick, don’t think I can pick them to lose now. 15-12 (Pitt is the other one, and the winner)


ZS-UNCW is too wild on O and CUT doesn’t let break opportunities go to waste. 15-8 CUT

BJ-UNCW will give them a scare early, but CUT will pull away in the second half. 15-7 CUT


ZS-Strength bid to nationals? 15-8 Buds

BJ-There’s this nice aquarium nearby in Apollo Beach, you can go see manatees. 15-10 Cornell


BJ-Close game, and the question will be can Wisco neutralize Stubbs? 15-14 Wisco

ZS-No way, Harvard is on the short list and is staying there. 15-13 Red Line

Lightning, tis dangerous

Round 3:

Florida vs. USF

ZS-This one might be a closer if the Gators rest their rotation. USF still loses by adecent margin, 15-9.

BJ-There are 50 lightning strikes per square mile per year, in Tampa. 15-7 Florida


ZS-The Seamen don’t play down to anyone, 15-9 UNCW.

BJ-Cornell shows they are no slouch this year. 15-12 Buds


ZS-North Central final 2011, Wisconsin goes to a second gear, stealing this one with their emotion and big play capacity. 15-14 Hodags

BJ-“CUT often gives up early season success for depth” 15-12 Wisco


BJ-There are too many puns available for this one. Stubbs engineers a win for the Red Line who takes precedence over the Night Train. 15-12 Harvard

ZS-Heavy club experience vs. lack there of. Stubbs and Vogt too much to handle, 15-11 Red Line.


BJ-Cornell is going to make it close, but I don’t think they can stay with Harvard in the second half. 15-11 Harvard

ZS-If the better teams can’t stop the Red Line, then neither will the Buds. 15-9 Harvard

Virginia- USF

Yankees Spring Training

ZS-Spreading out the lines some more lets USF get a few more points than normal, 15-7 UVA.

BJ-Is it time for Yankees Spring Training yet? Derek Jeter will be in town soon. 15-11 UVA


ZS-Talent should be about equal, with experience tipping the scale in Mamabird’s favor. 15-12 Colorado

BJ-Birds of a feather flock together… 15-11 Colorado


ZS-Wisconsin is deeper than the Gators and by the end of Saturday, legs should really start to make the difference. 15-10 Hodags

BJ-Going to be a close one, with one or two plays making a difference. 15-13 Florida

Sunday Round 1:

Florida – Harvard

ZS-Depending how the game against Wisconsin goes, Florida may be a little tired on Sunday morning. Stubbs and crew run a larger rotation, which should make the difference. 15-11 Ironside

BJ-Another good game, another close call. Harvard 15-14


ZS-Depending how the standings are, Carleton may take this last game easier if the semi-finals are guarranteed for them. I predict Carleton will open up their lines more, making this games final score somewhat deceiving.

BJ-Based on early season results, Cornell shouldn’t be able to hang with CUT. 15-6


ZS-The skills and patience of the east vs. the speed and height of the west. I give Mamabird the nod based on experience, as these two teams could be battling out for the higher seeds of the semis. 15-10 Bird.

BJ-Going to be tough for UVA to match-up well with Colorado. 15-8 Mamabird


ZS-Both teams heavily rely on their competitiveness and athleticism to keep them in the game. Add some solid disc skills and you’ve got yourself a shootout that would make for a hell of a highlight reel. Hodag love prevails based on depth, 15-10

BJ-The experience on Wisconsin should be too much for the Seamen. 15-8


ZS-Playing two games back to back Sunday morning seems a little unfair, but luckily the Seamen get to play USF. Because of this fact, Wilmington should be able to rest their studs while giving some of their younger guys larger roles, 15-10 UNCW.

BJ- I once saw a hockey game at the St.Pete’s Times Forum in Tampa, and then saw a Tampa Bay Rays game in St. Petersbur

Final Standings


6. Florida: 3-5
2. CUT: 6-2
8. Cornell: 1-7
7. UNCW: 2-6
1. Colorado: 8-0
3. Harvard: 6-2
5. Wisconsin: 5-3
4. Virginia: 5-3
9. USF: 0-9


5. Florida: 5-3
4. CUT: 5-3
8. Cornell: 2-6
6. UNCW: 2-6
1. Colorado: 8-0
3. Harvard: 6-2
2. Wisconsin: 6-2
7. Virginia:2-6
9. USF: 0-9


Zack Smith:

7-8th Place Game UNCW-Cornell: Despite the fact that they are playing for 7th place UNCW wins one for the ACC 15-10

5-6 Place Game: Wisconsin – Florida: Again competiting for strength bids, look for Wisconsin to take advantage of the opportunity to play outside while Florida lets off the gas, 15-9 Hodags.

Semis:Colorado – Virginia: Championship Sunday is no stranger to Mamabird as they come out too hot and intense for Night Train, 15-10 Colorado.

Harvard’s tigher rotation might be a little gassed about 8 games of high level ultimate. Look for CUT’s patience and depth to take this one in close fashion, 15-12 CUT.

Finals: Colorado – CUT

This tournament is Mamabird’s for the taking. In a rematch of the 2009 National final, Colorado will not waste the opportunity of getting some revenge, 15-11 Bird.

BJ’s Bracket Predictions

Colorado beats CUT 15-11, Wisconsin takes Harvard 15-13.

Colorado over Wisco 15-12 for warm-up.

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