College Southerns X Preview

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College Southerns X
40 College Open/36 College Women’s
March 19-20, 2011
Statesboro, Georgia

Every year for the past decade College Southerns has incorporated top tier amenities with high level Ultimate. This year will be more of the same for these Georgia hosts. First, a word on the fields. These beautifully manicured fields are like a soft bed of grass that is just firm enough to have no agility issues what-so-ever. Laying out onto this grass will leave you only with the thrill of making a great d or catch and no bruise or blood from scratching on a rocky/sandy/rock hard surface. Seriously, the fields are that good.

Don’t forget about the weather either. With highs in the 80s and sun, this tournament always seems to have the weather that most Ultimate players dream about all fall, winter and spring (have you been to Wisconsin or Minnesota lately?).

Southerns also has one of the best Ultimate experiences at any tournament. Are you worried about what to do for team dinner Saturday night? The hosts have a full dinner catered for all players in attendance from a local restaurant that, believe it or not, is owned and operated by a former Georgia Southern player. They also host one hell of a Saturday night party. Good times are had by all who attend, and we will leave it at that.

With a huge field of 40 Open teams and 37 Women’s this tournament will be a great test for teams looking to break into College Championships consideration. While Easterns seems to have the top of the elite Open’s competition, there is still a full supply of teams with real Championships potential.


South Carolina is looking to rely on its athletic cutters, George Lampron and Marshall Walker to get the disc and Andy Moore to anchor the offense. Meanwhile, coming out of the restructured North England, Tufts is hoping to get its nationals aspirations tested while relying on offensive player Adrian Banerji and D line stud, Jack Hatchett. Do not count out the hosts either. Georgia Southern is young but has players with club experience, which is becoming a requirement for any good team now. Watch out for Michael Smith, Mike rice and Ryan Randall to help take this Southern boys to the top.

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Look for UCF to gain some national attention. With Ashley Schermerhorn anchoring the O line with her high release backhand and Murl, that’s right, just Murl, getting open all day long. Also, a shout out needs to be given to the Luther Freya, Norse goddess of love and war for you non-Scandinavian kids, for getting out east all the way from Decorah, IA

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