“Get Skyd” Photo Contest Part 2: Faceboop.

by | March 22, 2011, 2:45pm 0

You’ve emailed your flipping rifunkculous photos in of you skying everything from inanimate objects to animated fools. Now it’s time to initiate PART DEUCE of the “Get Skyd” Photo Contest – the faceboop (yes, we mean facebook).

Skyd has gone ahead and uploaded all of the eligible contest photos to our facebook page. Holy crap! Skyd has a facebook page? Yes. And you love it. Now it’s time for YOU to vote for your favorites (that’s a call to action). How do you vote for your favorites? By simply “liking” the photo my internet savvy friend. The photo with the most likes wins the Grand Prize of one million space bucks and FREE team hats from SAVAGEultimate. Free hat! Free hat!

Deadline: If you submitted a photo, you have just over ONE WEEK (until Friday April 1st, 2011) to generate “likes”. At the end of the “liking” period, we’ll announce the winner and our favorites.

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