Product Review: SAVAGEultimate Cirrus Jersey

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SAVAGEultimate new Cirrus Jersey is an excellent addition to the line of Ultimate jersey’s out there and in a lot of ways is a top contender for team gear.

Comfort/Material (3/5)

This 100% micro-fiber polyester fabric is antibacterial and mildew resistant.  That’s important when your favorite place to store a sweaty jersey is the bottom of your gym bag.  I worked out in the jersey two days in a row and it resisted odor way better than my Patagonia or 5 jerseys do.  Also, it didn’t shrink after washing it.

If you love how your Patagonia jersey feels like a second skin, this may not be the one for you.  It definitely has a bit more weight and thickness to it. (Kind of like a VC jersey, but even more so.)  Yet after exercising in a hot gym, I went outside in 30 degree weather and didn’t get that cold, drenched feeling you get with other jerseys.

Durability (5/5)

The jersey has double stitched seams and reinforced hems.  The material itself is strong too.  Where my thinner jersey may get a scratch or lose stitching, this thing hangs tough.

If you get your jersey sublimated, the image is embedded right into the fibers, ensuring that it will never fade or wash out.  While I’ve never had a problem with colors washing out in jerseys before, I have had problems with peeling, warping, or chipping of screen pressed designs.  On some jerseys, having a big logo means there’s a big heavy patch on your jersey that isn’t breathable.  With these sublimated jerseys, the design is embedded right into the fabric.

Style (4/5)

First off, the biggest beef I had with this jersey: the collar.  The collar on the jersey is loose and definitely takes away from the style factor.  Also, the sizes are loose-fit, meaning they are a bit wider than others.  You won’t be able to show off your guns as well as the tighter, thinner jerseys.

The Savage jersey definitely makes up for other faults with its amazing custom design jobs.  A sublimated jersey means you can make a design of the entire jersey with several colors, as well as whatever artwork you can think of.

Warning: The Cirrus jersey may damage your face region.

Price (4/5)

The base price for a jersey starts at $18, with an additional $3 charge each for front logo, number, or team name.  Sublimated jerseys range from $35 to $65 each, depending on design and quantity of order.  With a sublimated design, though, there is no additional charge for art work setup, names, or numbers.

Overall (4/5)

The Savage jersey beats the other jerseys in my closet in durability, odor-resistance, and the capability for some pretty sick designs.  When I wore this jersey to the gym, I even got compliments on its color by some non-ultimate players.  The material is a bit thicker and heavier than other brands, but holds up well in both heat and cold.  The biggest drawback is a loose collar that makes it look like someone just tried to tackle you.  Overall, if you love a jersey that is thin and light, this may not be the one for you.  If you want a jersey with great color, Savage will make you one that is durable and reasonably priced.

SAVAGE Cirrus Jersey – $21 (Red, Vegas Gold, Gray, Yeti Blue, White, Sky Blue, Black)

As Worn By:

Michigan State Burning Couch, Michigan State Infamous, University of Virginia Hydra

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