Conference Championships Results – Women (Updated)

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Atlantic Coast

  • Carolina D-I (April 16/17) – North Carolina wins, North Carolina-Wilmington, North Carolina State, Charleston, Wake Forest, Duke, South Carolina, and Clemson advance.
  • Colonial D-I (April 16/17) – Maryland wins, Towson, and American advance.
  • Virginia D-I (April 16/17) – Virginia wins, James Madison, Virginia Tech, and William & Mary advance.
  • Atlantic Coast D-III (April 16/17) Mary Washington wins.

Great Lakes

  • Eastern Great Lakes D-I (April 16/17) – Michigan wins, Notre Dame, Indiana, Michigan State, Purdue, and Notre Dame-B advance.
  • Illinois D-I (April 16/17) – Northwestern wins, Illinois State and Loyola-Chicago advance.
  • Great Lakes D-III (April 16) – Valparaiso wins, North Park and Kalamazoo advance.

Metro East

  • Eastern Metro East D-I (April 16/17) – Connecticut wins, NYU, Rutgers, Yale, Hofstra, and Columbia advance.
  • WesternNY D-I (April 16/17) – Ottawa wins, Cornell, Cornell-B, Rochester, and SUNY-Buffalo advance.
  • Metro East D-III (April 23/24) – College of New Jersey wins.

New England

North Central

  • Lake Superior D-I (April 16/17) – Wisconsin-Eau Claire wins, Wisconsin advances.
  • Western North Central D-I (April 16/17) – Iowa State wins, Iowa, Carleton College, Minnesota, and Nebraska advance.
  • North Central D-III (April 16/17) – Luther wins, Carleton College-B, Grinnell, St. Olaf, and Macalester advance.


  • Northwest D-I (April 23) – Washington wins, Oregon, British Columbia, Western Washington, Oregon State, Victoria, and Utah advance.
  • Northwest D-III (April 16/17) – Whitman wins.

Ohio Valley

  • Ohio D-I (April 16/17) – Ohio State wins, Ohio advances.
  • Pennsylvania D-I (April 16/17) – Penn State wins, Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh, Edinboro, and Carnegie-Mellon advance.
  • Ohio D-III (April 16/17) – Ohio Wesleyan wins.
  • Pennsylvania D-III (April 16/17) – Swarthmore wins, Gettysburg, Franklin & Marshall, and Haverford advance.

South Central

  • Ozarks D-I (April 16/17) – Washington University wins, Missouri State, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, and Truman State advance.
  • Rocky Mountain D-I (April 16/17) – Colorado College wins, Colorado State advances.
  • Texas D-I (April 23/24) – Texas A&M wins, Rice, Texas, and Texas-B advance.


  • Florida D-I (April 16/17) – Florida wins, Central Florida, Florida State, South Florida, Miami, Florida-B, and Florida State-B advance.
  • Gulf Coast D-I (April 16/17) -Vanderbilt wins.
  • Southern Appalachian D-I (April 16/17) – Georgia wins, Emory advances.


  • Desert D-I (April 16) – Arizona wins.
  • NorCal D-I (April 16/17) – Stanford wins, California, Sonoma State, California-Santa Cruz, California Davis, and Humboldt State advance.
  • SoCal D-I (April 23/24) – California-Santa Barbara wins, UCLA, Southern California, San Diego State, California-San Diego, Cal State-Long Beach, and Cal Poly-SLO advance.
  • Southwest D-III (April 24) – Claremont wins, Occidental advances.

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