“Get Skyd” Photo Contest Winner

by | April 5, 2011, 3:09pm 0

We have a winner. With over 20 entries and almost a thousand votes, we’re pleased to conclude our first contest. Thanks to all of those who submitted some sick and creative photos and thanks to SAVAGEultimate for sponsoring. While there was a clear victor (which we announce at the bottom), we were impressed by all photos submitted and wanted to highlight a few of our favorites:

Sirens Sky Las Vegas

This submission from Katie fox depicts the Central Florida Sirens after winning Trouble. They then proceed to sky then entire city including the Blue Man Group. This is all kinds of awesome.

JoBro Sky Dives

One of our top vote getters is absurd. It’s just wrong. Josh “Bro” Smith of Virginia Tech sky dives for this ridsickulous grab. I barely understand who put him up there, but damn. Josh Smith is a sky captain.  (Submitted by Scott Shepard)

Topher vs. the Giant

We were some amused by Topher T. Murray’s submission that we wanted to share some other photos he sent in. These were taken at National Harbor in Washington DC, on a statue entitled “The Awakening”. Sky-larious.

Our Winner

Finally we come to our winner. For garnering the most votes (nearly 300), the winner of our first ever Skyd contest is Nhi Nguyen from Louisville, CO where she is the captain of Monarch Ultimate’s Girls team. Her photo is of Nhi getting a huge and crucial D during a mixed YCC club game of Colorado Cutthroat (Nhi’s team) against Chicago’s Micromachines. Nhi will be winning some sicknasty team hats from SAVAGEultimate. Here’s the winning photo:

And the resulting D:

Thanks again to everyone who participating in our first ever contest. We were amped to so many awesome submissions and we look forward to giving more people the opportunity to win in the future.

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