Regionals Coverage

by | April 21, 2011, 7:58pm 0

I’d love to get some feedback on what people would like to see for regionals coverage. Joaq and I have a few thoughts that we hope to make happen (as does everyone at Skyd), but if you’ve got any specific thoughts on how to do a better job of reporting on these tournaments, speak up!

On top of Inside Breaks stuff, I’m helping USA Ultimate out with making sure every open regionals has a writer. At minimum, there will be a wrap-up article from every location*. Beyond that, though, what are some of the ways that you’d put a willing volunteer to work? Straigh up team profiles? Thoughts on the best players? Match-ups to watch?

*If you’re interested in writing for the Ohio Valley, North Central, or Northwest, let me know!

In my mind, one big obstacle is the readability of the USAU website. Any ideas on how to work with this challenge?

This post is mostly a word vomit and not at all informative, but I’m hoping that some of you, the people who care about college ultimate, can provide an insight or two that’ll improve what we’re trying to do.

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