Regular Season Final Power Rankings (College Open)

by | April 15, 2011, 4:00am 0

It’s the end of the College Ultimate regular season and with the Conference Championships starting tomorrow, Skyd brings you the final staff rankings for the 2010-2011 college season. Without further ado:

College Open Top 20 (4/15/2011)

OverheadTryoutsUS OpenWUCCLabor DayRegionalsNationals
Number of players28282427242828
Tournament fee$25$20.83$48.49$20.83$7.14$60.71
Player fee$15.00$243.60
Ground Transportation$10.00$20.83$200.00$10.00$53.57
Field Reservations$42.86
Coach Expenses$178.57$16.67$77.78$16.67$17.86
Banking Fees$9.64
Field Supplies (food, ice, etc.)$21.43
Photographer, trainers$21.43
General supplies$7.14
Team apparel$80.00
Cost per player$375.36$90.00$485.00$2969.27$414.17$27.14$600.36

Talking Points:


Cut and Florida, Florida and Cut.

Easily the hardest call to make.  Our rankings are so ridiculously close (1.43 vs. 1.57 with the lower number being ranked first).  Florida has the upper hand in actual games this season, winning two games against the CUT by a total of 3.  Interestingly enough, both teams have lost by more to Wisconsin (ranked 6th by Skyd, and 7th by USAU) than they have to each other.  If you throw Colorado in the way of Florida, it only gets messier.  While either of these teams not making it to the semi’s of nationals would be unexpected, just imagine if they were joined by Colorado, Wisconsin, or Pitt.  The Parity at the top of College Open is pretty amazing. Ultimately, Florida gets the nod for their performance at Easterns which saw them win out against all of the front-runners.

Colorado College

Who are these guys, and why do they keep winning?  I assume the easy answers are “Wassabi” and “by being better than the teams they beat,” but that doesn’t satisfy.  Three losses on the year, all to top 10 teams, and none by more than 4 points.  Add their big wins, against Texas and UBC, and you have to wonder, how many seasons are they going to end if they make it to Nationals?

Tufts and Whitman

Two teams which have had similar results throughout the season. Neither has lost outside of the Stanford invite, where both teams showed they can more than play with top 20 teams in the nation, and both teams have about 5 close games for the rest of the season. Not surprisingly, we’ve ranked them close together. A Tufts-Harvard final in the Metro Boston DI  Open Conference Championship looks all but predetermined, and should be a good game (Tufts won the last matchup 15-9, though Red Line was resting starters). It’s near impossible for Tufts to not make Regionals.

Whitman faces essentially the same odds in their Conference. Puget Sound gave them a good game at the Stanford Invite (and according to their coach, and Skyd staffer, Adam Lerman, had plenty of chances to beat Whitman. We’ll see, Lerman. We’ll see.).  Lewis & Clark too might be able to rack up the count on the Sweets.  It’s equally impossible for Whitman to fail to advance to NW Regionals. And with four spots to the College Championship, the Sweets are ready for the big show.

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