College Championships Coverage Schedule

by | May 26, 2011, 6:16pm 0

Skyd goes live at the 2011 College Championships Friday morning. We look forward to connecting with our Live Blog and Webcast. The schedule below outlines the tentative broadcast schedule. We’ll do our best to stick by it and will be updating the schedule as the weekend goes on. See you in Boulder.

All times in MST (Local Boulder Time, UTC-7)

Pull Day

1: Posture & Position2 Rounds
20s RS Static Side Pillar
8 RS Glute Bridge
20 LS Static Side Pillar
8 LS Glute Bridge
10s Rest
4: StrengthA: Hang Power Clean
3 Rep Max
3x1 @ 90% of 3 rep max

B: Romanian Deadlift
5x7 @ a moderate weight
2: Movement Prep A4 Rounds
20m Sled March
8 RS + 8 LS
Contralateral Single Arm / Single Leg Deadlift
12 Banded Pull Through
8 Hanging Scap Retraction
5: AccessoryComplete in as few sets as possible:
50 Strict Pull Up
50 Evil Wheels
3: Movement Prep BClean Warm Up
6: Cool Down3x12 Right Side + 12 Left Side Unilateral Hamstring Curl

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