D-III Fast Count: Carleton College Eclipse

by | May 20, 2011, 2:02pm 0

2011 marks the first year of the USAU D-III National Championship, and the second year that the newly re-branded organization has run the tournament. The bid process to get into this year’s D-III championship is drastically different than last, and by no means uniform throughout the country.  Some teams got here directly through Sectionals Conference Championships, others through Regionals. Skyd sent 10 questions to every team Women’s team competing, and set the email to explode after 8 seconds.

Skyd spoke with B.G. Green of Carleton College Eclipse:

Do you think the new system for selecting teams for D-III Nationals is an improvement?

It’s getting there. Hopefully in the years to come the system will be able to support D1 concepts like competing in games to go and also attract the same intensity.

What scares you the most about the upcoming tournament?

Losing Zoe Suche to her native homeland given the tournament’s proximity to Canada.

Have you perfected your autograph / how many babies do you plan on kissing / did you bring a flag for victory laps?
It’s a pretty darn good John Hancock/As many as they throw our way/Well, we brought flag printed underwear, does that count?
Distance traveled to Nationals, method of transportation.
From the great state of MN! 940 miles, but we’re flying. The GOP boys who are coming to cheer us are doing the drive.


How do you plan to intimidate the competition in pregame warmups?

Emulate Remember the Titans in every way possible. OoohAhhh. We Feel. OoohAhhh. Real Good!

Who would you say is favored to win the tourney, and if your answer is your school, who do you think will be hardest to trample over on the way to the top?

Well we’re seeded first and we are really looking forward to some good competition outside of our region given the amount of North Central teams going to the tournament. Claremont looks good as does Williams.

Buffalo is The City of No Illusions, of Good Neighbors, and Queen City of the Lakes.  Who has the best nickname on your team(and what is it)?

Katharine “KRich/K$” Richardson not only has a baller nick-name but is also a baller, no doubt.

What has been the highlight of the year so far? The lowlight?

I would say the game winning-midfield hammer that I threw against Olaf during Regionals to my 4 year cutting partner Erin “Dinger” Heydinger. The team would probably say our whole season: breaking seed at every tournament we have gone to, making D1 teams call timeouts, and kicking butt at Regionals. Lowlight was definitely our loss to Notre Dame at Midwest Throwdown, the fields looked like poop.

Are you going to visit Niagra Falls?

I think Leigh-Anne (co-captain) will be very upset if we don’t

Season MVP?

We’ve got two Eli Walker and Kate Trenerry

Outstanding First Year player?

Claire Leichter

Describe your seniors with 1 adjective each.

BG Green: Swagger
Sam Ellerbeck: Scintillating
Kate Trenerry: Trundler
Leigh-Anne Borkowski: Pensive-pants
Katharine “Lindy” Lindquist: Sassy
Katharine “KRich” Richardson: Money
Megan Milligan: Stealth-strike
Erin “Dinger” Heydinger: Brotastic


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