Player Profile: Jacob Janin, WHITMAN SWEETS

by | May 17, 2011, 10:37pm 0

Jan Jan gives 'em the clamps

What is your background in the sport?

Jacob Janin: Both my parents played competitive ultimate in Portland throughout my childhood so I was pretty much raised on the sidelines of frisbee tournaments. I started playing ultimate for real my freshmen year at The South Eugene High School with the likes of Eli Friedman and Marcel Schaeffer. Throughout High school, under the tutelage of Seth Wiggins, Breeze Strout, and Dusty Becker (and of course my big brother Eli), I steadily improved and started playing some club.

How did you come to play at Whitman?

Originally I wasn’t very excited about coming to whitman. I didn’t see the Sweets program going anywhere and I had a lot of friends going to play with CUT, so I had my mind set on Carleton. Unfortunately I hadn’t spent enough time overachieving in high school and was unable to get past the admissions office. However, it was a blessing in disguise! Whitman has been awesome and I couldn’t be more happy to be here. It’s so much better playin as an up and coming underdog than with a bunch of chumps who think they should win every year. ZING! Just kidding I love you guys…

What is your roll on and off the field?

With Norden’s skills at the handler position my duty on the field is almost solely as a cutter. I try to pick up his dimes and make space for our excellent core of cutters. Off the field I try to be a role model but in truth I don’t do shit. I yell sometimes.

How are you getting prepared for the Sweets first trip to the big show?

Oh Shit we made natties didn’t we!

What does making nationals mean to you?

A whole lot. As I said, I didn’t really think we’d ever be that good. I was most definitely not expecting to make a trip to nationals my sophomore year. We’ve worked really hard and its quite astonishing how much our entire team has improved. We really play as a team this year. I am oh so proud.

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