Big Muckamuck: Stanford Bloodthirsty

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School Name

Stanford University

Team Name



Ryan Thompson

Year Founded


# of Championships

2 (1984, 2002)

# of Regional Championships

5 since 2000

# of Sectional/Conference Championships

8 since 2000

Notable Victories:

Winning Nationals in 2002

Rival Teams:

UCSB, Oregon, Cal, Carleton

16 college alumni teams representing the best Open and Women’s teams from the past decade square off for the title of the best of the best. The Big Muckamuck will find the likes of the Hodags, CUT, Superfly and Burning Skirts competing on July 2nd-3rd at the annual Potlatch tournament in Redmond, WA. As part of our ongoing coverage of the event, Skyd caught up with Stanford’s Ryan Thompson to find out more about the Bloodthirsty team.


James Hansell – 2011 – Boost Mobile
Chris Hart – 2011 – Boost Mobile
Jacob Speidel – 2011 – ECU, Voodoo
Ryan Thompson – 2011 – Boost Mobile, Southpaw
Colin VanLang – 2011 – Boost Mobile
Derek Frome – 2010
Chris McCarty – 2009 – Boost Mobile
Ariel Jackson – 2009 – Boost Mobile
Sam Shrank – 2009 – some coed team
Alex Drlica-Wagner – 2009 – Boost Mobile
Nate Young – 2009 – Boost Mobile, Condors
Henry Adams – 2007 – Boost Mobile
Robbie Cahill – 2007 – Revolver
Nick “Opie” Hollon – 2006 – ECU
Laurent Lessard – 2006 – Boost Mobile
Bart Watson – 2003 – Revolver
Hunt Allcott – 2002
Jit Bhattacharyya – 2002 – Revolver

1. Stanford Ultimate started in the late 70’s, founded by Finlay Waugh. There was a period of early success in the mid 80’s, including being the first collegiate ultimate champions in 1984. The team became known for its Stanford Offense, which revolutionized the game, and several articles on it were published in the UPA newsletter. Since then, Stanford has always been a team contending for the National Championship.

Briefly share the history of your school’s Ultimate program. How it started/developed into a competitive program.

In the 90’s, despite never winning a championship, Stanford had rivalries with East Carolina and UCSB, meeting both teams in the finals of Nationals in the 90’s. In the old West region, the Stanford-Santa Barbara rivalry was unparalleled, with bad blood extending from the rawest rookie up through the alumni in the club system.

In the 2000’s, after the regional redraw, Stanford and Oregon became bitter rivals, with Oregon stealing the region’s only bid in 2001 and 2003, sandwiching Stanford’s 2002 National Championship team (won 15-5 over Wisconsin). In 2003, Stanford beat Wisconsin at Easterns, only to lose to Oregon at Regionals and see Oregon lose to Wisconsin in the title game that year. Since 2003, Stanford has made Nationals every year except 2010, finishing 3rd, 3rd, 3rd, 3rd, 9th, 3rd, –, and 5th.

What are some of your school’s biggest victories/games in the past decade?

  • 2001 Regionals Finals loss to Oregon
  • 2002 National Championship victory over Wisconsin
  • 2003 Easterns victory over Wisconsin
  • 2003 Regionals Finals loss to Oregon
  • 2004 Semifinal loss to Colorado
  • 2005 Semifinal loss to Brown
  • 2006 Regionals loss to Oregon
  • 2006 Quarterfinals victory over Oregon
  • 2006 Semifinals loss to Florida
  • 2007 Pool play victory over Carleton, 17-16
  • 2007 Semifinals loss to Wisconsin
  • 2008 Regionals game-to-go victory over UBC
  • 2008 Pool Play loss to Wisconsin, 13-15
  • 2009 Regional finals victory over Cal
  • 2009 Semifinals loss to Carleton
  • 2010 Vegas loss to Carleton, 1-13
  • 2010 Centex victory over Carleton, 14-3
  • 2011 Regionals game-to-go victory over San Diego State

Who on your roster will be making some of the big plays at the BM?

The 2002 championship team was nicknamed the “Faceless Army,” and our Muckamuck team is similar. We have a stable of fast cutters and aggressive defenders who can match up against the best players in the country. You may not have heard of us, and we don’t care. Of course, we also do have a couple Revolver players who might stand out in a crowd, but pay no attention to them.

Which match-ups are your team most looking forward to?

A 9 am Saturday morning matchup against the Hodags is just what the doctor ordered to start this tournament off with a bang. Both teams will bring the fire and set the tone for a really competitive weekend.

And the matchup we’re most looking forward to is against Carleton, on Saturday afternoon. Can we request observers for this game? Carleton ended our seasons in 2009 and 2011, and between that we beat them 14-3. There’s no love lost between our two teams, as the numerous TMFs given in 2009 will show.

From the other pool, we’d love a shot at Oregon or Colorado.

Why is your team going to win the BM?

We’re coming for you, man. Our style is impetuous. Our defense is impregnable, and we’re just ferocious. We want your heart. We want to eat your children.


Alex Drlica-Wagner – 2009 – Boost Mobile

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