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by | July 12, 2011, 10:42am 0

Things have changed a little bit around here at No Look Scoober since the end of the college season. Zack Smith and I have taken over new positions, and have been busy with life outside of Ultimate. I’m now located right near Lake Tahoe in Nevada, where there are slots in the grocery stores. My hiatus included a road trip from Greenville, SC to Nashville, OKC, Flagstaff, LA, the Pacific Coast Highway, San Fransisco, and finally to my new place for 6 months on Heavenly Ski Resort. After attempting to cover as much as we could for College Nationals,  definitely needed a little break from the writing.

Thankfully, NexGen has provided the spark that I needed to get back into things. If you haven’t already seen it, you need to check out the NexGen-Furious and Sockeye games. High quality video, great athletic plays, and in general exciting Ultimate.  This is how I’ll be transitioning into covering the Club Scene, by starting with Revolver vs. NexGen in San Fransisco this Wednesday night. What I’d like to know from you guys, is if there is an interest in hearing some play by play by yours truly. I had the chance to do it for College Nationals, and it was a blast, so I’d love to do it again if there’s interest out there.

With previews coming out, and some of the biggest tournaments to come in the next two months, I’ve laid out my tentative plans to start covering club. So far, here is where I’ll be.

  • NexGen vs. Revolver – San Fransisco, CA – July 13
  • Ow My Knee – Scotia, NY (“Albany”, only where the top contenders come) – July 23-24
  • Emerald City Classic – Burlington, WA – August 13-15
  • Chesapeake Open – Poolesville, MD – August, 27-28 (Tentative)
  • Labor Day – Santa Cruz, CA
  • Regionals? Maybe
  • USAU Club Championships, Day 3 and 4, Sarasota, FL

NexGen write-ups to come.




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