Fall Tournaments 2011

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Club season is over for all but a handful of college players, so the fall tournament schedule is heating up. Since it’s always difficult to find info on fall tournaments– from dates and locations to whether or not teams showed up at full strength, nobody ever really knows– I thought it’d be nice to compile a list and start pooling what we know.

Below are the fall tournaments that I know of and find interesting. I’m only one person so it’s not comprehensive; speak up if you’ve got info on a tournament that has Regional/National implications. I’m particularly clueless on what’s up in the Great Lakes and South Central (though perhaps Ozark Ultimate will have info on the SC in coming weeks?).

Already Happened

Hucks Off the Hilltop– Oct. 8th and 9th in Washington, DC

  • Virginia Tech over Penn State in the final, 15-13. Tech was a semifinalist in the Atlantic Coast last year while Penn State finished second to Pittsburgh in the Ohio Valley. I don’t know much about Penn State yet, but I expect to learn plenty as I prepare for and attend Fall Easterns. Virginia Tech will need many of last year’s role players to step into playmaking jobs if they are going to contend in the AC again. In particular, Josh Smith and John Andrukonis will need to improve from producing highlight reels to leading the team throughout entire weekends.

Exit 69 Fall Classic– Oct. 8th and 9th in Northfield, MN

  • Mike Huckabee (some alumni team, probably GOP) over Minnesota X; also included Carleton

No Wisconsequences– Oct. 15th and 16th in Mikwaukee, WI

  • Wisconsin X v. Wisconsin Y in final; also included Carleton, Luther, Iowa X/Y
  • Wisconsin’s X/Y teams were in the finals of this tournament last year as well. Judging by the Hodag video here, it was absurdly windy and Carleton had Simon Montague and Julian Childs-Walker, two Sockeye players that I imagine wouldn’t have played if they had made Club Nationals.

Coming Soon

Fall Phling– Oct. 22nd and 23rd in Manheim, PA

  • As I mentioned in the Fall Easterns podcast, I’m curious what Georgetown will look like with former Stanford captain Ryan Thompson coaching them. David Cranston (Truck Stop) and Alex Laws (Renegade, Georgetown alum) are also assistant coaching. When I spoke with Ryan recently, he told me that their focus is currently on “teaching the game the right way” with an eye on “competing with the UNC-Ws and Virginias of the region by “making those teams dread playing Georgetown because they’re going to have to work their hardest to beat us.” Georgetown is looking to make A team cuts after Fall Phling.

Wolfpack Invite– Oct. 22nd and 23rd in Raleigh, NC

  • In attendance: Georgia, Georgia Tech, North Carolina, UNC-Wilmington X/Y, Virginia Tech, James Madison and host team NC State. Georgia is using Wolfpack as a tryout tournament while UNC, JMU, and NC State have already set their A teams. Not sure about Georgia Tech or Virginia Tech.

SDSU Round Robin– Oct. 22nd and 23rd in San Diego, CA

CHUG– Oct. 22nd and 23rd in Chico, CA

  • In attendance: Oregon X/Y, Stanford, Cal, Cal-Santa Cruz, Cal-Davis, more? Joaq told me about this one…
  • Stanford went X/Y as well. They wound up combining their teams for the final agains Chico alums. Chico alums win again.
  • Teams go hard. Rookies are now convinced that ultimate is the greatest sport ever invented by man.

Coffee Cup– Oct. 29th and 30th in New Haven, CT

  • No teams listed, but I know that Tufts is going. Which makes me think that Harvard, Middlebury, Vermont, Dartmouth, and the other usual New England suspects will be there. Any denial/confirmation?

Fall Easterns– Nov. 5th and 6th in Wilmington, NC

  • This post’s secondary purpose is to kick off Skyd’s Fall Easterns coverage, so stay tuned…

Itchfest– Nov. 5th and 6th in Nashville, TN

  • Just a big ‘ol southern tournament.

Huck a Hunk o’Burning Pumpkin– Nov. 5th and 6th in Providence, RI

  • Another “everybody relevant in New England come to this” tournament, I think.

Santa Clara Carmen Classic– Nov. 5th and 6th in Santa Clara, CA

  • In attendance: Cal-Santa Cruz, Cal, Stanford X/Y

Luther Invite- Nov. 5th and 6th in Decorah, Iowa

  • In attendance: Luther, Carleton, Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota

Missouri Loves Company– Nov. 12th and 13th in Columbia, MO

  • In attendance: Carleton, Colorado, Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, Michigan, Michigan State, Colorado College. Pretty safe to say that MLC has surpassed Classic City Classic as the premier fall college tournament.
  • I wonder why Luther isn’t going. I know they’re hosting their own invite the week prior but I would still think that teams will put their best foot forward at MLC since it’s the bigger event.

Sean Ryan Memorial Tournament– Nov. 12th and 13th in Santa Cruz, CA

  • Being outside is one of my favorite parts of being an ultimate player. Looks like Sean Ryan is a nice reminder of why.
  • This is the West Coast’s “bring your A team” fall tournament. Most all of California’s big guns will be there, and look for any under the radar team that does well to continue that success into 2012.

Dave Baldwin Memorial– Nov. 12th and 13th in Knoxville, Tennessee

Sundodger– Nov. 12th and 13th in Burlington, WA

  • No real info yet, x/y type of event (see comments section)

Classic City Classic– Nov. 19th and 20th in Athens, GA

  • Though CCC isn’t quite what it used to be when teams like Colorado and Cal showed up and Wisconsin was a regular, it still commands respect in the Southeast. This year, USA Ultimate is making it the flagship tournament for its College STAR program, meaning that Chain Lightning and Ozone players will be there to run clinics for developing teams and players. Pretty cool


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