Skyd Playmakers: Club Champs ’11

by | November 2, 2011, 3:39pm 0

Meredith Leahy of Ozone dons the 'makers.

Our crew was told to be stingy. Very stingy. Only give out Skyd Playmaker shorts (brought to you by Breakmark) if some absurdly redonkulous play or the overall work of some athlete completely blew your mind.

Without further ado, the results of our first Skyd Playmakers program:


  • Matt Bode, Ring of Fire – Layout D + Sky Bookends in Power Pools v GOAT
  • Jolian Dahl, Chain Lightning – Hucks, D’s, Skys that factored heavily in Chain’s quarters and semis performances
  • Kurt Gibson, Doublewide – Footblock on Mac Taylor in Open semis
  • Jon Levy, Revolver – Layout point block on Rebholz on Revolver’s first D point; generally clutch defensive play all weekend
  • Ken Porter, Ring of Fire – Huge Sky in Quarters v Chain
  • Cassidy Rasmussen, Revolver – Skying grab for O hold in first half of championship game
  • Mark Sherwood, Revolver – Being a defensive boss against Brodie and Stubbs; huge layout grab for a break goal in second half of championship game.
  • George Hughes Strange, Truck Stop – Huge Layout grabs in Power Pools v Chain
  • George Stubbs, Ironside – Huge D hammer catch vs DW, huge catch over pile in finals


  • Emily Damon, Fury – Player of the game in Fury / Molly Brown
  • Manisha Daryani, Fury – baller layout come-from-behind endzone D in the finals against Riot
  • Kami Groom, RevoLOUtion – Blocking 3 hucks in the 17-16 win against Ozone
  • Drew Johnson, Riot – Player of the game in Riot / Phoenix Semis
  • Meredith Leahy, Ozone – Layout D + Sky Bookends


  • Lucas Dallmann, Polar Bears – Amazing point with lots of inside breaks, he gets it every other throw, then scores in pre-quarters vs. Slow White
  • Lisa Pitcaithley, Polar Bears – Awesome layout grab to make it 16’s in the final vs. Blackbird
  • Marie Madaras, Polar Bears – Backwards layout score to win semis vs. Wolverines
  • Anna Nazarov, Blackbird – Hucks the pre-quarters win, catches the finals win, general awesomeness
  • Nick Slovan, Blackbird – Layout score requiring serious acceleration through til the end that shifts momentum for Blackbird in pre-quarters vs. 7 Figures

Congrats to all of our Playmakers and thanks to everyone that flat-balled this weekend. Wear your ‘makers with pride and look out for the Skyd Playmakers program coming to a tournament near you.

Manisha Daryani of Fury (right) with Skyd's Melissa Witmer


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