Product Review: Five Ultimate Player Bag

by | December 15, 2011, 5:00am 0

Note: This review is out of date and Five Ultimate no longer carries this product. Their new bag can be found here.

Backpacks.  Duffel bags.  Buckets.  Drawstring bags.  We’ve all tried some combination of these vessels and others in search of the perfect tournament companion.  We’re in search of a durable, versatile, comfortable “basket” that can hold and protect all of our junk without weighing or costing too much.

The Five Ultimate Player Bag has come onto the scene as a specialized duffel bag on steroids.  The Bag boasts compartments for all types of supplies, and its material is engineered to provide a lightweight, waterproof solution for the Ultimate duffel bag.

Material (4/5)

The Player Bag’s material is a desirable combination of lightweight and waterproof material.  I was able to compare it to an average Nike duffel bag at practices and one tournament, and the Player Bag’s material kept inside contents dryer than the Nike bag.

The inside of the Bag has two open elastic pouches that can hold cleats, shoes, large water bottles, food, or other items.  I like having these pouches inside the major compartment because they can separate special items (like food) for quick, easy access between points.  There is also a zipper pouch inside the main compartment, which seems well suited for first aid and sun protection goods; it’s very convenient to have these items separated, as well.  The largest interior compartment features a mesh, ventilated cleat bag, but I found an elastic side compartment on the bag’s exterior to be the best place to store and air cleats out.  All this being said, there is significant room for jerseys, pullovers, and other items to be stored freely in the central compartment.

But speaking of exterior compartments, the best one on the Player Bag is the small, zippered pouch for players’ valuables on the front of the bag; a larger zippered compartment on the reverse side of the bag complements this pouch. Two large zippered compartments (located on each side of the bag, similar to end compartments on a duffel bag) provide more room for discs, cones, and other supplies.

The backpack straps on the under side are well intentioned but provide unnecessary heft to the bag—carrying the Bag via these straps feels unwieldy and awkward, as your belongings tend to awkwardly shift their weight around as you walk backpack-style.  The adjustable shoulder strap provides a comfortable way to navigate the fields with your Player Bag.

Usability (5/5)

This bag has made life at practices and tournaments easier.  Gone are the days of rifling through jerseys and sweatbands to find your little tube of chap stick, sunscreen, or Neosporin.  Just a little bit of organizational effort before your trip to the fields enables easy access and protection for all of your gear, food, water, and valuables.  What’s more, I’ve rested assured knowing that the bag will keep my gear (even the shoes I wore to the fields!) dry during rainy days—I couldn’t say that when I used my old high school backpack as my Ultimate bag.

Price (3/5)

At a time when USAU dues are rising, the economy is faltering, and everyone is trying to save money, $60 is definitely a steep price to pay for a Ultimate bag.  The Bag provides added organizational benefits, but you have to question how much those organizational benefits mean to you when you can buy a Nike Brasilia 5 Small Duffel Grip at Dick’s or eBags for a third of the price.  If you trust the material’s durability, value the organizational benefits, play a lot of Ultimate, and plan on using this bag for years, then this could be the bag for you.  However, at $60, the price makes it nearly impossible for you to “experiment” with the Bag (Heck, you could experiment with a duffel and an Ultimate Bucket for just $50).

Overall (4/5)

Five Ultimate Player Bag – $60

Five’s Player Bag makes it incredibly easy for Ultimate players to organize, protect, and transport their items.  No other Ultimate bag I’ve owned has made it more convenient for me to neatly separate food, sun protection, valuables, and gear while still making those items quickly and easily accessible.  This Bag does come with a hefty $60 price tag, though, so consumers need to be prepared to shell out some dough for their share of organization and convenience.

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