SkydCast #11: Melissa Witmer, Ultimate Results

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I’m pleased to be able to speak with Melissa Witmer in this SkydCast. In addition to the many amazing projects she’s involved with (info below), she has been a key player in developing a lot of the content on Skyd from the beginning, including our Training Blog and Expert Panel. She has been one of Skyd’s strongest supporters and is making a huge impact on the way athletes train for the sport of Ultimate today. In this episode, I learn about some of Melissa’s current projects including her membership training site, her upcoming e-book and her trip to the Siege of Limerick in Ireland.

More about Melissa:

Melissa Witmer started Ultimate Results in March of 2010 to provide coaches and captains with research based information about motor skills learning and biomechanics with the goal of improving the practice and teaching of throwing.  With a change of focus to strength and conditioning, Ultimate Results is now on a mission to help serious players train more like serious athletes.  With three current projects: an e-book, The Ultimate Athlete Project, and her first international fitness clinic in Limerick Ireland, Melissa hopes to help players in their journey to reaching their full athletic potential.

The Ultimate Athlete Project

The Ultimate Athlete Project is the culmination of what Ultimate Results has been trying to do for the past year.  This website is designed for those who are ready to think about their training as a long term process.  On the website athletes have access to training programs designed by Power Train Sports Institute with the sport of ultimate in mind.  We are starting early, engaging in multiple phases of training that build upon each other, getting in top physical condition to handle the demands of a long season, then maintaining and increasing strength gains and power production throughout the season, culminating in being most ready when it matters most.

More information can be found at

The Ultimate Athlete Handbook

This book will serve as a comprehensive resource for those beginning the journey to more serious training.  All necessary athletic qualities are covered in four chapters:  Mobility; Strength; Speed, Power, and Jumping; and Conditioning.  The book includes tons of video demonstrations of exercises along with sample workouts.  Though this book is targeted primarily at less experienced athletes, even elite players will find a few new exercises to try and add to their training regimens.

Look for The Ultimate Athlete Handbook coming soon to the Skyd Store.

Coaches Strength and Conditioning Clinic in Limerick

In this comprehensive two day clinic, coaches and players will learn the fundamentals of training for ultimate.  After two days in the classroom, the weight room, and on the field, coaches will not only have an in depth understanding of training concepts, but also be able to teach training concepts and exercises to their teammates.

The Coaches Strength and Conditioning Clinic is limited to twenty players and will be helpd the weekend before the Seige of Limerick on February 18-19th.  First spots go to coaches taking teams to the Siege of Limerick.  Any additional spots will be offered to players who sign up on the email list here.

The Siege of Limerick

The Siege of Limerick is on February 25-26th at the University of  Limerick in Ireland.  There will be open and women’s divisions with room for 32 teams overall.  Any questions, contact Dangermouse at

Btw, the US Siege of Limerick team is open to having more players join them.  If you are in the US and are interested in playing with the US team at the Seige, email the tournament director at and you will be put in contact with the US team organizer.  The Siege of Limerick is February 25-26th.

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