Skyd Power Rankings: College Women’s DIII (02/15/12)

by | February 15, 2012, 5:30pm 0

These rankings and the 2012 Skyd College Tour are brought to you by Spin Ultimate

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Top of the list

The Valparaiso Chicks Hucking Discs return a lot of disc skills and a large core of their roster. This team showed the strongest pre-season results, a clear favorite out of the Great Lakes to qualify.

Returning champs Carleton-B Eclipse is better than a lot of “A” teams, and have a huge program to draw from (their college may be small, but EVERYONE plays ultimate)

If PLU decides to stay D-III, they’ll dominate. They play in one of the strongest regions in the country, and put up good scores against teams like Oregon, Washington, and Western Washington.

Next of kin

Smith Lunadisc returns Amber Sinicrope, all-region player and Brute Squad standout, who was a leader in assists and D’s in Buffalo in 2011.

Opting to go the “D-I” route in 2011, Drake Ibex intends to compete in D-III this season. Coached by 2010 Callahan Finalist, Jasmine “Jazz” Draper, players like Jenny Perry are honing in on their skills.

The Claremont Green Shirts return Erika Baken, all-region player with junior world’s experience, and was a huge impact player in the 2011 D3 Championships in Buffalo.

The Notables

–Oberlin (Ohio Valley) The Praying Manti qualified last year, and their captains are taking tangible steps to elevate their game. If they are able to keep up the passion and hard work, they should break into the top 10.

–Mary Washington (Atlantic Coast) Favorite to win the Atlantic Coast in 2012, Mary Washington faired well at Winta Binta Vinta Fest against regional D-I favorites.

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