Skyd Power Rankings: College Women’s DIII (02/23/2012)

by | February 23, 2012, 7:53pm 0

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Barely Missing:

Grinnell (NC): The fact that we omitted Williams in the last rankings set makes Grinnell barely miss the cut this time around. In my mind, Luther and Grinnell match up well together, but historic performance indicates that Luther produces a top-notch squad, year-in and year-out, thus the edge was given to Luther this time around. Midwest Throwdown will be a good indication of who should be the third North Central team on the list in two weeks, giving the the Stickies the chance to prove me wrong here.

Occidental (SW): Lower than expected performance at the Pres Day qualifier hurts them in the Rankings this time around. The ladies from L.A. have to prove they deserve to be back in the Top 10.

Oberlin (OV): I’m eager to see the results that the Praying Manti can put up. They have the bulk of their regular season tournaments coming up. Let’s see if their efforts pay the dividends they want them to.

Tournaments to Watch:

PhilaU’s Hucktastic Invitational (March 3-4): Why is this one on the list? Because it will shed some light into the Metro-East’s Division 3 teams. Princeton and Ramapo take on some teams from the ME and New England Regions. It could be an indication about who we can expect to qualify, come May.

Midwest Throwdown (March 3-4): We get the opportunity to see Valpo, Grinnell, Drake, and Luther for the first time this season. They are also joined by North Park and Carleton-B, as these teams take on some of the top and middle tier Divison 1 teams in the North Central, South Central, Ohio Valley, and Southeast.

Virginia is for Layouts (March 17-18): This tournament promises to be the best indication of Division 3 competition all season. Fielding only a handful of non-D3 teams, we see our favorite non-West Coast teams duke it out. Smith, Williams, Carleton-B, Grinnell, Mary Washington, Wellesley, all qualifiers last season, are all attending and getting some of the best coaches that the country has to offer. They are joined by teams like Richmond and Davidson, who are looking to secure another bid for the AC-III. Just saying, this is the equivalent to Division-3 as Centex is to previewing the Division 1 national’s field.

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