Frisbee Transfers: Interview with Bruno Mine

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Frisbee Transfers is the brain child of Bruno Mine, an Italian who lived in the U.S. for 8 years before moving to Fano, Italy with his family. The basic concept of Frisbee Transfers is this: Bring 8 international Ultimate players, between the ages of 18 and 24, to the coastal city of Fano for a week of Ultimate and cultural immersion in June or August. The Transfers will get to play Ultimate in an entirely new setting, with entirely new people, all while experiencing a city from a local perspective.

A few weeks ago, Bruno explained the program at We’ve posted our interview with Bruno below:

Calise Cardenas: How many people have responded? How many different countries have you heard from so far?

Bruno Mine: After a couple weeks since I sent the news out, several people have already answered back very interested and asking for details. Initially only girls answered, but now also some guys have contacted me for info. Like I expected, the most interested are Americans and Canadians, yet four or five English players are very enthusiastic about the project and also two Austrian players already said they are coming.

Calise: I know that my club team (Seattle Riot) got an email forwarded to us by Manu Argilli about this. Have you been getting responses from “top” Club teams?

Bruno: I tried to contact all the teams out there and especially the best. College girls from Stanford, Dartmouth, Oxford and other universities wrote back to me saying that they and their friends are planning on coming. The captain of the Open English national team and his girlfriend are organizing a trip to Italy and will stop for a week in Fano. You don’t have to have a certain skill level to participate because my goal isn’t to play great ultimate but only to play ultimate with players from all over the world. It doesn’t matter if I have to be the one teaching or the one taught. There will probably be very experienced players and beginners.

Calise: How’s the planning going at this point? Can you give us an idea of what a typical day would look like for one of the Frisbee Transfers?

Bruno: The planning is going along well. Actually, there isn’t much to plan anymore. I just have to hope more interested players answer me back.

Fano is a beautiful coastal city, and even though it is well known for its beach we also have a lovely inland that begins only nine miles from the coast. The week of Frisbee Transfers will be a mix of beach-fun, tourism around the Marche and ultimate practices. Like all beach cities at night, Fano is full of parties and things to do!

Calise: Is there anything you’re looking forward to the most about this project? (Meeting new people, learning different Ultimate styles, showing people the best parts of Fano, etc.)

Bruno: The thing I’m looking forward to the most is certainly meeting new people. I want to organize 7 days of pure Ultimate and fun that I will remember for a long time.

Calise: Okay, if you could pick a “Dream Team” for this project – the best of the best, from anywhere, to learn from and hang out with – who would you pick?

Bruno: I can’t know now the players that I want. I can’t pick my dream team because that would mean already know the people that would come, and there wouldn’t be the joy of meeting new ones. I just want eight young and adventurous Ultimate Frisbee players!

For more information check out Frisbee Transfers facebook page or contact Bruno at

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