Skyd Power Rankings: College Open (03/30/12)

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These rankings and the 2012 Skyd College Tour are presented by Spin Ultimate

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Talking Points

Have a cigar, you’re going to go far

Minnesota, North Carolina, Georgia Tech all join this edition of our top 20. Minnesota was the surprise team at Centex, looking like a team we expect to make some moves.  North Carolina deserves a spot in the top 20 by coming out with a few wins against good competition, and playing Tuft’s close on day one of Easterns. Georgia Tech is the odd man in for this case, but we’ll get into that later.

Where we were right, and more importantly.. where we were wrong

Luther proved us correct about their ranking by finishing second in their pool at Centex. The North Central regional might have no drama if they are able to gain a 5th strength bid.   Where we were wrong? So far Whitman has played lower than expectations, not the performance of a 6th ranked team.  That’s what happens when you play savage, capable of winning any game, but tournaments are not their forte. If they do get to Nationals, how much of a benefit is it to them to play only 2 or 3 games in a given day?

Rising to the top

Central Florida has claimed 8 spots to 5t and Texas 8 spots to 9th. Both of these squads have been very impressive of late. Central Florida has completely retooled their look, and Texas showed me that the win over Pittsburgh at Stanford Invite wasn’t as flukey as I thought.

The 20th Spot

Bring on the peanut gallery, because there’s plenty of debate about this one. We considered Florida and Whitman two of the strongest teams out of the bunch that is Michigan, UNCW, Michigan State, Cal Poly Slo, Georgia, Georgia Tech. After that? Well we can just blame it on parity. Georgia Tech did lose to Michigan State in Centex consolation, but managed to make it into bracket play. Tech also just swept Terminus, so that gave us the tiebreaker we wanted. Georgia without a healthy Elliott Erickson is in trouble. Michigan won a game over Georgia but hasn’t had anything convincing to put them in yet. Cal Poly Slo is good in almost any game, but too many bad losses.

What did we get wrong, what did we get right?


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