Skyd Power Rankings: College Open DIII (03/09/12)

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*To my knowledge, has not yet committed to DIII.



A strong showing in Trouble in Vegas, including a close game against UCF moves them up a notch.

Carleton GoP

They didn’t perform spectacularly at Stanford, and Saturday was EXTREMELY windy, so we can’t read quite as much in to their wins against Sonoma, and close game against SLO. However, they did play some good D1 teams in SDSU and CSLB close on Sunday, and getting blown out was my main reason for demoting them last ranking set.


They bageled Davidson on day 1 of Spring Ultimax, and you can’t be a bad team and bagel relatively good ones, no matter what the conditions are. I know they then lost to Davidson on Sunday, but wins over Lehigh and even Michigan vault them into the top 10. They’re results are currently really wacky, so they could go even higher with some more strong wins. Also, I’ll be releasing a feature for them in the next month.

Wake Forest

Dominated a UoA tournament. We have yet to see some results against real teams, but we’ll add them for now, given that they they won the Atlantic Coast region last year. Also, I’ll be releasing a feature for them in the next month. 


Puget Sound

Again, it’s really hard to draw results from the Stanford Open because of the wind on Saturday. However, they lost pretty badly to Davis on Sunday, and as I have been saying all along, the best DIII teams need to consistently play close games with top 20-60 ranked D1 teams.


They got bageled. I don’t care that they won on Sunday, that simply can’t happen to a top 10 DIII team.

Lewis & Clark

They gave a mediocre performance at Trouble in Vegas.


Pretty mediocre results at Midwest Throwdown. Their win over Truman State being the only quality result.

What to Watch:

These two weeks have been really helpful for solidifying things, although there is still so little inter-region play.

  • We finally get to see St. John’s play next weekend at High Tide.
  • Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think there are any other big tournaments for the next two weekends.
  • D-1337 will be on 3/24-3/25, and give us a great idea of the top teams in the NE and ME regions (Both currently unrepresented in our top 10)
  • Rose-Hulman had good results last year, and I still have no idea what tournaments they are going to. They’re not in top 10, but I should be hearing from them soon, and you should pay attention to their results if any come out.
  • Features coming soon for Kenyon, Puget Sound, Catholic, GoP and RPI!!
  • Recap of the last two weeks of DIII action should be up soon!

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