Skyd Power Rankings: College Open (04/13/12) – End of Season

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These rankings and the 2012 Skyd College Tour are presented by Spin Ultimate

[spreadsheet 0AoHsej_RKFvMdGtlcks1Z1FJN21aaVZkWnJuQWI2QkE 600 1100 ]

The more things change, the more they stay the same…?

There is no difference in our rankings, since very few of the top 20 competed this last weekend. While more than one Great Lakes team will make it to Boulder this year, we shall see how they do on a national stage. We’ll see a Northwest team in the top 20 not make it, as well as only two teams from the Southeast booking tickets by the end of regionals.

Comparing our first ranking set…what we got right

Central Florida, Tufts, UNC, Luther all ended up in our final top 20, roughly in our initial positions. Central Florida proved worthy after their adjustments at Easterns. Tufts may have gone down a notch, but they were able to get past lots of top 20 teams.  We had Ohio in the top 20 as well despite not having great early season results.

Now what we got wrong..

We had Colorado ranked highly initially, but as Elliot Trotter predicted, they did not come out of the gate as strong. Carleton is also being questioned as  a top 5 team, but that will be answered soon in the series. The Southwest was a big swing in a miss for us with UCSB, Cal Poly SLO being in the top 20 while Stanford was outside. Whitman also fell a large margin, despite holding at Stanford Invite.

Our ranking set was not meant to be completely predictive. When we had no results, that showed where we thought teams would land. Texas was one team that was predicted to climb throughout the season, as well as Stanford, but they were not playing as strong at other points in time. We didn’t expect Central Florida to be top 5 early on, but after Warm Up they had stated their case.

Expect another set of rankings after the Conference Championships, one after Regionals, and then a final set after the dust settles in Boulder.

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