DIII Interviews 2012: Carleton College GOP

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Carleton Gods of Plastic come from Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota (part of the North Central Region). And, yes, despite the feature photo for this page,  GoP is in fact an open team. If we are talking about teams who know how to win the D-III Championships, you have to start with GoP. They won the first official USAU D-III nationals which was also, coincidentally, held in Appleton, Wisconsin. They took a hiatus from D-III last year, but now they are back with a vengeance. They spent the Spring competing in high level DI tournaments around the country. While their results have not been spectacular, their 2nd place finish at regionals (Ahead of St. Olaf and behind St. John’s) clinched them the 7th seed at D-III Championship. While the D-III field in 2010 was significantly less competitive than it is now, don’t be surprised if GoP’s experience from 2010, as well as this Spring’s high level tournaments, allow them to make a run deep into D-III Championships. Also, GoP is one of the most fun-spirited teams in ultimate, as you may be able to tell by the pictures that they choose to be put in this feature. 

Now, here is an interview with captain Rhys Lindmark. Unfortunately, this was given to me in January. I hadn’t posted it until now. Thus, some of the stuff in the interview is a bit out-of-date. I try to update you guys where appropriate. Without further adieu:

Notable Roster turnover, young team? Veteran team?

Rhys: Lots of seniors graduated last year (10+). The youth of our team will be decided in a couple of weeks when we make cuts (endish of January) (So much could happen between now and the end of Ja-wait a second!) In any case, we will definitely have a good amount of rookies.

The GoP captains, Cory, Stockton and Rhys (from left to right), discuss important team business. - Photo by Jonathan Isaac.

Up and Coming players, guys on your team that are going to be making plays come the season

Rhys: Usually bosses like my fellow captains Stockton (Jonathan Isaac) and Cory Fauver (see “Year of the Beard” on youtube).

Alex Walker can be a bit loco, but he is a great competitive spirit, and loves disc. We have a strong junior class, with peeps like Jimmy (Will Gange-Maynard) and Nik-bro (Niko Duffy).  Obviously, Sam Feigenbaum for Callahan. Also, I will be terrible because I have been in Nepal for 4 months.

Star Players, who would be your callahan nominee? Who are the big playmakers and leaders 

Rhys: See above.

What tournaments are you planning on going to in the spring?

Rhys: Queen City Tune Up, Stanford Open, Southerns. (Editor’s Note: GoP went 1-6 at QCTU to take 16th, 4-3 at the extremely windy Stanford Open to take 11th, and 5-2 at College Southerns to tie for 9th. During the series, they went 4-2 at conference championships, and 4-2 at regionals, with 3 of those losses coming to St. John’s. They are 2-4 against teams at D-III championships.)

The most famous GoP baller of all time, Abraham Lincoln.

Who are the big DIII teams and players to look out for, both in your region, and in the entire division?

Rhys: Big DIII teams – St Johns in our region. We were 1-1 with them last year and we have a bit of a rivalry brewing. No idea how good they are this year. In the division as whole, I would say the usual contenders who are on the verge of deciding to go DI, but instead decide to go to DIII will be good.

Is this your first time competing DIII? If so, what made you change your mind from last year? If not, how did you do last year?

Rhys: We tried the DI route last year and failed pretty hard. We were not prepared (mentally or physically) for the amount of wind at our Regionals. We don’t really know which route we will go this year. It all depends on what the team wants.

Do you have any footage/media you want to show the world?

Rhys: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=biTKgipMnR4&feature=related

Do you have anything else you want to publicize? I know it’s hard as a smaller school to get any press, but here’s your opportunity!

Rhys: Not really. May GoP win all of the Republican primaries. (Editor’s Note: Latest polls show that GoP is more well-liked than Mitt Romney.)

Feature “GoP Team Photo” by Claire Leichter

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