First Crack at Seeding (Women’s)

by | May 8, 2012, 9:13am 0

With Iowa State taking the third bid out of the NC, North Carolina taking the second bid out of the AC, UC-Santa Barbara NOT qualifying, Central Florida and UNC-Wilmington out of the running…throw in some wildcards like Delaware and Florida, and we have ourselves a really difficult seeding decision.

My 10 minute attempt at seeding:

  1. Oregon (NW1) – Only have losses to opponents going to Nationals. Cleaned it up since Stanford, and have multiple wins over Washington.
  2. Michigan (GL1) – Finals appearance last year fueled a great season. Only loss to a non-nationals team was without their seniors who were at graduation at regionals.
  3. Washington (NW2) – H2H loss to Michigan in the only matchup they’ve had
  4. California (SW1) – 1st bid out of a messy 5 bid region
  5. Iowa (NC1) – Inconsistent at Centex, but much improved
  6. Virginia (AC1) – Winless against the NC this season, but wins a tough region
  7. North Carolina (AC2) – Had a great regular season, hit a blip at Centex, and didn’t win the region
  8. Texas (SC1) – Two wins over Wisco at Music City
  9. UBC (NW3) – 3rd in rankings, losses to Iowa and inter-region teams
  10. Wisconsin (NC2) – Loss to UBC at Centex, much improved performance since beginning of season
  11. Iowa State (NC3) – Centex winners who would easily be the 1-seed, but the struggled at regionals
  12. Humboldt State (SW2) – On the up-and-up after a mediocre season, but they won when it mattered to take the 2 out of a tough 5 bid region.
  13. Sonoma State (SW3) – Easily a top seed in the pool…until the post season.
  14. UCLA (SW4) – Solid showing all season, but finished behind Humboldt and Sonoma at Regionals.
  15. Stanford (SW5) – 5th bid in a good region, with wins over all the teams below them.
  16. Tufts (NE1) – Wins over everyone below them, including a two over OSU.
  17. Ohio State (OV1) – Losses to the teams above them.
  18. Florida (SE1) – Played some tough out of region teams at Pres Day well.
  19. Ottawa (ME1) – Played a strong schedule, but is winless over the teams going to the Championships.
  20. Delaware (AC3) – Sleeper pick out of the AC, with a relatively weaker schedule than the rest of the field at Boulder.


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