Chain Lightning Prepares to Light Up US Open

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Chain Lightning has racked up eight top-ten Club Championships finishes since 2002, including a title in 2009. The Atlanta squad kicks off its 2012 campaign at this week’s US Open in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Here, Skyd Atlanta correspondents Grant Farrington and Keith Raynor provide some insight on where Chain stands in early July as well as how everything is shaping up for the season ahead.

Chain’s Roster Turnover

  • Kiran Thomas has returned to greener pastures in Austin, Texas.  Peter Dempsey and Grant Lindsley can no longer make the outside the perimeter (I-285) commutes from Alabama and Minnesota respectively. –Farrington. 
  • The additions to this year’s Atlanta squad are led by former Ring of Fire standout Jared Inselmann. They have had some issues integrating established club studs into their game, but his talent and experience will help offset Chain’s losses. Georgia and Georgia Tech each contribute an athletic playmaker in Matt Bailey and Jay Clark, respectively. Rounding out the group is Virginia alum and former Mixed champ Tyler Conger, giving the squad yet another tall handler. Perhaps most noteworthy,  Chain is returning two players expected to depart: Nick Lance and Asa Wilson. –Raynor

Early Training and the Road Ahead 

  • Chain hit the weights early this offseason, partnering with EDGE Ultimate in north Atlanta in hopes of a second club championship and the possibility of having more players selected onto 2013’s Team USA for the World Games.
  • Chain will head to the U.S. Open at the beginning of July, host Terminus in Atlanta at the end of the month, and cap it off with trips to Seattle for ECC and Maryland for the Chesapeake Invite, or “Chesterpeake” as they affectionately call the tournament after their biggest fan, Chester Harich.  You can also check out Chain doing battle against Nexgen August 8th. –Farrington
  • With all three captains returning and few departures, the team will have a lot of continuity this year. “There is a learning curve when it comes to gelling as a team” explains Poole, “and having roster continuity only gets you down that curve quicker.” How Chain designs its offense and how they utilize burgeoning star and Callahan winner Nick Lance will be some interesting notes to watch early in the season.

Chain Lightning’s full 2012 roster can be found on the team’s website. Sam Chatterton-Kirchmeier, David Berendes, Jolian Dahl, Elliott Erickson, Will Lokke, Robert Runner, Dylan Tunnell, Jared Inselmann, Nick Spiva, and Asa Wilson will not be in attendance at the US Open.

Feature photo by Christina Schmidt

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